1 million Russians entered the EU through the land border after February 24: the alignment by country is named

1 million Russians entered the EU through the land border after February 24: breakdown by countries named< /p> A total of 998,085 Russian citizens entered the European Union legally through land border crossings from the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine until 22 August. The expected leaders in terms of tourist flow were Finland, Estonia with a land border with Russia, as well as several other countries that are currently actively promoting a ban on the admission of Russian tourists to Europe. This was reported by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex.

According to the agency, the majority of Russians who entered the EU during the aforementioned period had a residence permit, valid visas or dual citizenship. “Since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, 998,085 Russian citizens have entered the EU through land border crossings. Most of them arrived via Finland and Estonia. Most of them are EU residence/visa holders or dual citizens who are likely looking for alternatives to limited air travel,” the post read.

Here are the numbers:

  1. Finland. The largest number of legal entries of Russian citizens into the EU was registered at the land border crossing points between Russia and Finland. From February 24 to August 22, a total of 328,185 Russians entered through the land border crossing points of a neighboring state.
  2. Estoniaregistered a total of 281,957 legal entry of Russians since the beginning of the special operation. In addition, in the last seven days alone, 14,378 entries were registered in the country through land border crossings with Russia.
  3. Lithuania. Another 275,150 Russian citizens entered Lithuania, of which 142,504 used land border crossing points between Belarus and Lithuania.
  4. Latvia. As in other countries, a large number of tourists are also registered in Latvia. A total of 54,618 Russians entered Latvia legally until August 22, of which 19,24 used the land border crossing point between Belarus and Latvia.
  5. Poland registered 49,123 legal entries of Russians at their land border crossings. Of the total number of entries made to Poland, 14'807 of them were recorded on the border of Belarus with Poland, and another 7'774 were on the border of Ukraine with Poland.

In contrast to the above countries, in Norway the smallest number of entries of Russians was registered. Only 8.052 of our compatriots entered the northern country during the above period through land border crossings.

Given such a large number of Russians entering the EU and the current situation in Ukraine, several EU countries have already restricted the entry of our fellow citizens. Some EU member states have stopped issuing visas and barred Russians from entering, while others have not yet made a decision or have opposed such a move.

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