1,080 rubles per day: wintering in the resorts of Egypt will be cheaper than in Turkey

1,080 rubles per day: wintering in the resorts of Egypt will be cheaper than in Turkey

Tourist countries with a hot climate have entered the race to attract European travelers for the winter. Turkish resorts have already offered favorable conditions: only 1,620 rubles per day in a 5-star hotel with an all-inclusive service system. At the same time, Egyptian hotels have recalculated their prices and offered Europeans to spend the winter in comfort on the Red Sea super cheap: for only 1,080 rubles (18 euros) per day. Consider the details of the proposed options.

Recall that the approaching winter in Europe is expected by locals with apprehension due to rising prices for natural gas, electricity, coal and firewood, as well as soaring food prices. Recall that in the catalog of the German travel agency Lidl Reise, which is part of the Lidl grocery discounter network, tours to winter Turkey appeared at a cost of only 599 euros for 22 days (about 36 thousand rubles), i.е. just 27 euros per day (about 1,600 rubles), including flights, accommodation and meals.

But the Egyptian Hurghada offered the cheapest wintering option: only about 65 thousand rubles for 60 days. In other words, for one day of stay in a warm hotel, travelers will pay only 1,080 rubles. (€18).

Both Morocco and Tunisia want to get their piece of the pie from the gigantic tourist flow from Europe this winter. The most advantageous offer of Moroccans is 60 days of rest for 93 thousand rubles. (1.539 euros) or 1'570 rubles. (about 26 euros) per day, for Tunisians – 60 days for 107 thousand rubles. (1'769 euros) or 1'779 rubles. per day (29.4 euros).

The excitement around the winter resettlement of Europeans, including wealthy Germans, has radically changed the options for destinations offered by tour operators. So, the resorts of Spain, which have always been consistently present in the assortment of tours, were pushed aside in the summer, and completely excluded from wintering programs in the fall. For example, the tour operator Dertour has reduced holiday options in part of the Spanish Canary Islands and instead increased the program to the Egyptian Hurghada and the island of Djerba (Tunisia).

“We offer hotels in Agadir, Morocco and Monastir and Djerba in Tunisia at attractive prices ”, Turkish travel media cited Halina Strzhizhevsky, head of destinations in Tunisia and Morocco at FTI, as saying. For example, a double room with full board for 60 days in Hammamet in Tunisia will cost 1'069 euros per person, i.e. 18 euros per day (1'080 rubles). This proposal is a serious competitor to the Egyptian direction. On the other hand, the cost of a double room for two months in Diar El Andalus at the Iberostar Selection All Inclusive is 1'769 euros per person (29 euros per night). The same conditions, but at the Argana hotel in Agadir (Morocco), will cost tourists 1'539 euros per person (1'778 rubles per day or 29.4 euros).

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