13-year-old Russian tourist was raped in a hotel in a popular resort

A 13-year-old Russian tourist was raped in a hotel in a popular resort

north coast of Goa in India. The ANI news agency reported the incident. The police opened a case against the accused under the article “Rape”.

“About two days ago, we received a complaint from a Russian tourist that after he and his daughter stayed in Arambol, someone began to molest his underage daughter and eventually persuaded her to have sex right in the hotel. A criminal case was initiated,” the law enforcement officer said.

The identity of the suspect was soon established. It turned out to be a hotel employee. “After the incident, the accused fled, but immediately we sent a squad of police officers to look for him. He was in the city of Gadag, Karnataka (270 km from the resort). He was arrested and placed under arrest. We have also uploaded his details to the country's list of sex offenders,” the police said. Further investigation is underway.

The resort of Arambol attracts tourists with its unique beach and freshwater lake with hot springs. Direct flights between Moscow and Delhi have been restored since May 6. The flight is carried out by Aeroflot on Airbus A330 aircraft.

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