18 Russian tour operators stopped serving tourists

18 Russian tour operators stopped serving tourists

Another 18 Russian tour operators stopped serving tourists. The latest order from the Ministry of Economic Development, which currently oversees tourism, has removed 18 more companies from the register. Recall that this is far from a record – the last order stopped the work of 43 travel agencies at once.

Otherwise, everything is traditional. Delete tour operators from the register due to the problem of financial guarantees, i.e. the inability to find an insurer. There are 17 firms in this order. Another one left the market voluntarily, having filed an application for the termination of tour operator activities. This is the Navigator travel agency.

As for the 17 crossed out “due to the failure of tour operators to provide information about their financial security of tour operators' liability for a new term”, these are the following companies:

    < li>Sunday LLC
  1. Raduga LLC
  2. SST LLC
  3. VISIT KAZAN National Tour Operator of International Tourism
  4. < li>TU Baikal LLC

  5. Gin-Tour Travel Company LLC
  6. Zvezd-South Studio LLC
  7. Top Step Travel LLC
  8. Trade Service LLC
  9. Forapharm Travel LLC
  10. Gladtour LLC
  11. Armhi-Travel LLC< /li>
  12. Znay.Travel LLC
  13. Vtochka LLC
  14. Universal Torg LLC
  15. Verra Travel LLC
  16. Good Travel Club LLC

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