2'400 tourists left the popular tropical island by plane: the way by sea was cut off

2'400 tourists left the popular tropical island by plane: the sea was cut off

The popular tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand hastily left on planes 2'400 tourists, because. the way by sea was blocked for them. The reason for the “escape” is the strongest storm wreaking havoc in the waters of Thailand, The Thaiger reported.

Last Monday, the resort islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Tao were covered with 4-meter waves and wind. Because of the dangerous weather, ships were forbidden to leave the ports, so the local authorities decided to take out a total of 2,400 tourists by air. Vacationers who were evacuated from their holiday destination had to change their plans by flying Thai airline Bangkok Airways from Koh Samui International Airport rather than by ferry.

Currently, red flags are posted on many beaches of the resort island – this is a signal of rough seas and a high level of danger on the water. An alarming situation has also developed in the ports of Surat Thani, the largest province in southern Thailand in terms of area. There, ferries and boats were also forbidden to leave the shore.

Paradoxically, just a few days ago, Thai officials were optimistic about the recovery of the tourism sector, when another huge cruise ship Mein Schiff 5 arrived in Koh Samui. the island in the Gulf of Thailand will host and serve about 2,500 European travelers in a day trip.

Tourism officials have organized tours of Koh Samui for visitors to ensure that tourists see only the very best the island has to offer, trying to evenly distribute tourist cash from the pockets of cruisers. The Mein Schiff 5 cruise ship has so far become only the second ship to make a stopover on Koh Samui since the pandemic. The first one arrived on November 27 to loud applause.

The cruise sector has been hard hit by the Covid pandemic, with cramped ship quarters and poor ventilation making it one of the first victims of the airborne coronavirus. And now that health professionals have found a way to live side by side with this invasive disease, cruises are finally starting to take off again around the world. However, considering

Reference: Although the Gulf of Thailand, on the territory of which the tourist island of Koh Samui is located, is a shallow part of the South China Sea, during raging storms, local waves and wind do not spare « beach” tourists, turning over the boats and ships of those who dared to get to the mainland by water. So, at the beginning of this week, the ship of the Thai Navy “Sukhothai” sank in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. There were 106 sailors on board the sunken corvette. 75 people were saved.

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