28 Russian tour operators stopped serving Russians

28 Russian tour operators ceased to serve the Russians

The number of “outbound” Russian tour operators continues to decline rapidly. Another 28 Russian tour operators stopped serving Russians abroad. By a new order of the Ministry of Economic Development, which replaced Rostourism “at a combat post”, 28 companies were deleted from the Federal Register of Tour Operators at once. The number, of course, is not a record – in the first orders of this year it exceeded 50, but still the decline is very significant and frightening.

The main reason is still the same – financial guarantees, i.e. the inability to find an insurer. As the text of the order puts it, tour operators “are subject to exclusion” “due to the failure to provide information about the availability of financial security for the liability of tour operators for a new term.”

“The main trend” is the same – they are mostly under attack and get rid of “ field functions small companies, mostly in the regions, as well as niche companies. At the moment, among them are such companies as “ESBaikal”, the studio of children's programs “Green Holidays”, “Baltic Shuttle Spb”, “Kavkaz Travel”, “Company Resort and Service Center”, “Discovery Yamal”, “League of Heroes Sport” etc.

In total, 354 outbound tour operators remain on the register at the moment. Recall that even in the “covid” years, this number balanced about 400 companies. That is, in 2020-2022, about 50 participants irrevocably left the outbound market.

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