43 Russian tour operators ceased their activities: tourism rushed to the oligopoly

43 Russian tour operators ceased their activities: tourism rushed to the oligopoly

The register of tour operators, transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development, which received all the powers of the disbanded Rostourism, continues to rapidly decline. Literally four days after the order, which liquidated more than 50 outbound tourism tour operators, a new one was released – and a little less is deleted from the register – 43 companies. And in two orders, the register was “cleaned up” by almost a hundred. And this is a catastrophic amount: if this continues, then in outbound tourism in Russia the time will come for a real monopoly, or rather, an oligopoly (a type of market structure of imperfect competition, which is dominated by an extremely small number of firms).

Main the reason for the removal of tour operators from the registry is still the same – the absence of the notorious financial guarantees. “Due to failure to provide information about the availability of financial support” 42 tour operators were deleted from the register, and only one company, InfoASLA LLC, left the market voluntarily, due to the termination of tour operator activities.

However, judging by for other excluded companies, many of them are also shedding financially burdensome tour operator functions. Since at least ten of the 43 “deleted” ones, judging by the names, are more related to the hotel business.

As a result, only 360 tour operators remain in the register of outbound tour operators. Recall that during the pandemic, their number balanced about 400 companies, and in the old days – 5-7 years ago, it reached 2.5 thousand.

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