62'440 rubles for a simple lunch: tourists warned about extortionate restaurant in a popular resort

62'440 rubles for a simple lunch: tourists were warned about a restaurant extortionist in a popular resort

TripAdvisor was forced to issue an official warning about the extortionist restaurant after tourists inundated it with complaints about one of the catering outlets on the famous Greek island of Mykonos. At least a dozen tourists told their stories, which told how the restaurant DK Oyster, “famous” for charging tourists gigantic sums for a snack out of the blue. The “last straw” was a complaint from a couple of British tourists who paid 800 euros for lunch, or 62'440 rubles for a relatively simple meal of the usual cost of about 50-60 euros maximum.

“Be careful if you plan to dine at this place!” – says the service. In the reviews, British spouses, 31-year-old Jessica Yarnall and 30-year-old Adam Hagown, told their story, who received the aforementioned staggering bill of 800 euros (over 62 thousand rubles) at this restaurant for a completely ordinary lunch – two cocktails, four crab legs and a salad . As the couple stated, when they ordered the cocktails they thought the cocktails cost 25 euros each, but after dinner they were handed a bill for a staggering 800 euros. At the same time, the staff insisted that the 25 euro cocktails that the tourists were thinking about were a completely different option, while the tourists’ cocktails cost 100 euros each (that is, almost 8 thousand rubles). At the same time, the tourists said that they “did not believe the shocking amount”, but they were forced to pay.

The victims were far from the only ones. Bar DK Oyster, located next to Platys Gialos beach, is described as “a place of luxury and style” – and constantly deserves outrageous reviews. At the same time, tourists emphasize that the prices that they see on the menu – if they see them – differ significantly from the astronomical amounts that they then see on the check.

Just last month, the pen of tourists in the same bar was astounded to receive a bill of 400 euros (more than 31,000 rubles) for a “quick snack” – according to the tourists, they drank only one beer, one cocktail and a dozen oysters in the restaurant. Newlyweds Lindsey Breen and her husband Alex said that the restaurant staff did not give them a menu of drinks with prices, in the end they were shocked by the astronomical price for beer, Aperol and 12 oysters.

Another tourist was ripped off about 50 pounds, i.e. almost 4.5 thousand rubles. for a glass of lemonade “which was impossible to drink.” Another affected tourist, Jak, also talks about the lack of a menu. When he sat down at the table, they didn’t show him the menu, “just telling him what they have” – as a result, for two tequilas, two beers and six shrimp, they tried to rip off 360 pounds or more than 32 thousand rubles from him. At the same time, at first the tourist tried to follow the principle and declare that he “will give them a maximum of 65 euros”, but then it almost came to a fight. “They immediately became aggressive and crowded the whole restaurant around me,” the tourist said.

Other victims were literally lured by the waiters to this cafe. “A group of friends of mine were misled into paying over £1,300 for two courses, salad and bread at DK Oyster. They were briefly shown the menu, after which the waiter literally pushed the group in and insistently persuaded them to order,” says 43-year-old Cheryl Lamfer.

There are too many such cases. At the same time, as the publication assures, the owner of the DK Oyster bar, Dimitrios Kalamaras, commented on the last report of tourists, saying that the negative review of tourists who paid 800 euros is inaccurate. But what exactly he refused to specify.

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