7 dishes that no one eats in Turkey: the most underestimated Turkish food by Russians has been named

7 dishes that no one eats in Turkey: the most underestimated Turkish food by Russians

The most underestimated dishes , which tourists do not try in vain during their holidays in Turkey, but the result will surely please them, a professional Russian traveler listed on her Yandex.Zen channel. According to the girl, on the “buffet” in hotels in Turkey or while walking around Istanbul, you should pay attention to the seven most delicious dishes.

  1. Lentil soup – mercimek. As a rule, tourists avoid departments with soups on the buffet, and if they take it, then only acquaintances. For example, tomato, vegetable or chicken. However, “a strange orange color and not a single major ingredient” is a delicious, hearty lentil soup with healing properties.
  2. Raw cutlets – chi kofte. Traditionally, these are raw meatballs or meatballs with vegetables. Previously, they were prepared from beef or lamb, but since raw meat dishes are prohibited in Turkey today, chi-kofte has become vegetarian in public catering. But the Turks jokingly put a sign “raw minced meat” near the dish on the buffet table.
    “Actually, chi kofte are small chilled cutlets made from crushed bulgur and spices. They are usually sprinkled with lemon juice and eaten with lettuce, pomegranate sauce and spicy pepper paste. Definitely with ayran (Turkish fermented milk drink),” the author specified.
  3. Meat cake – lahmacun. Only three components – the thinnest dough, fried minced meat with onions and spices, tomato paste – make this seemingly modest dish after baking in a wood-burning oven unique. It is correct to eat lahmacun like this: sprinkle with lemon juice, put vegetables (chopped cabbage with onions and tomatoes) on top, roll up like a pancake, drink ayran.
  4. Rice – Pilav. Pre-fried in butter, and then boiled rice – and a magical dish is ready. According to the tourist, even those who do not like this grain crop as a side dish eat this rice. Sometimes some vermicelli, chickpeas or boiled chicken are added to it.
  5. Semolina halva. Traditionally, Russians choose Turkish delight, baklava and ice cream (dondurma). But few people know about another national Turkish delicacy – semolina halva. It is made with semolina and sweet syrup and served warm with crushed pistachios sprinkled on top.
  6. Turkish Fried Egg Menemen. Menemen is a traditional Turkish dish that includes eggs, tomatoes, sweet green peppers, and spices such as ground black and dried red peppers cooked in olive or sunflower oil. And also gooey cream cheese.
  7. Warm sweet cake – kunefe. Amazing Turkish sweet looks like a large baklava, so many tourists simply ignore the pie. Kunefe is deep-fried vermicelli pastry soaked in sugar syrup. In Turkey, it is considered the king of all desserts. “Underneath is hot cream cheese. On top of a warm delicacy is decorated with a scoop of ice cream and sprinkled with nuts,” the blogger clarified.

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