7-meter shark liked the tourists on the beach in Thailand

7-meter whale shark liked tourists on the beach in Thailand

Rayong. This was reported by The Thaiger.

The encounter between a group of vacationers and a predator took place at Hin Pleng, a popular diving site about 24 km from the coast. Tourists were brought there by diving instructor Crew Off from Toy Boat Tour. During the dive, those who like to tickle their nerves were examining the corals, when suddenly a 7-meter whale shark approached them.

The harmless marine life swam in circles around the boat and around the divers for about five hours, until the tourists got tired. Even as the boat headed back to shore, the whale shark followed for a while before disappearing, the instructor assured. According to him, this type of shark is not dangerous and looks like a tame animal.

The man brought tourists to the same place many times in past years and believes that the divers are met by the same representative of whale sharks. She frequented Hin Pleng in January and February each year and to some extent has become a local legend as divers flock to meet her. To do this, they come to the Ao Ma Kham Pom pier in the Kram district (Rayong province).

Earlier last month, a 4-meter whale shark visited a group of tourists who were snorkeling in the waters of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand. Experts have recognized this case as very rare, since whale sharks usually do not enter shallow water. The fish swam around for about 10 minutes, and then returned to the depth.

Another meeting of travelers took place three weeks ago in the popular province of Krabi. Divers were met by a 6-meter representative of whale sharks. As the animal swam under the boat, a boat employee noticed a large piece of rope, resembling a fisherman's trawl net, wrapped tightly around its tail. The ropes cut into flesh, leaving a deep wound. According to an eyewitness, a whale shark swam up to the boat because it needed urgent help.

Help: The whale shark is the largest shark in existence today, and also the largest of fish known to science – its maximum size is 12-20 meters. The nature of the fish is inert, lethargic, feeds on plankton. It does not pose a threat to humans, does not attack, which divers often swim close to it willingly use.

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