9 million rubles from one point: toilets near the sights turned out to be a goldmine

9 million rubles from one point: toilets near sights turned out to be a goldmine

Toilet stalls next to the iconic landmark bring mind-boggling sums to their owners. So, over the past year, each point turned out to be a gold mine and enriched the owners by several million rubles. It's about the Tower of London. Details of the “toilet business” revealed Mylondon.

It is noteworthy that the London Council, i.e. the municipal authorities of the capital of Great Britain, and not “private traders”, earned huge sums simply by charging tourists who, while walking, are desperately looking for a place to relieve themselves. For example, by providing public toilets for people in Tower Place, next to the famous landmark and Tower Bridge, the City of London Corporation earned £122,792.15 over the past year, i.e. 9 million rubles.

Over the past 12 months, local authorities have tried contactless payments in toilets, bringing in up to £17,000 per month. At the same time, tourists and Londoners themselves used the toilets three times more often in November 2022 than in October 2021, as London continues to recover from the pandemic. Since 2010, the City of London Corporation has charged a fee for those wishing to use the toilets at Tower Place and Paternoster Square, near St. Paul's Cathedral. Since then, the entrance costs 50 pence (37 rubles).

At the same time, people with disabilities can use public toilets for free using radar keys. Special keys allow them to use more than 10,000 disabled toilets across the country. And this loyalty did not negatively affect profitability.

At the moment, the City of London has introduced cashless payments in the toilets due to the pandemic. The toilet lawsuit report states: “Society is using less cash as many retail, transportation and hotel establishments no longer accept any cash payments. The use of contactless payment systems accelerated during the pandemic as it was seen as a more hygienic payment method. Employees of the corporation's restrooms have received more requests for contactless payments since the pandemic. The corporation has implemented contactless payment systems in other locations where implementation has been successful.”

The initial two-month restroom trial ran from November 2021 to December 2021. It has been extended by another ten months to provide more data to see the impact of Covid on people using the toilets.

Other popular areas such as Brighton and Hove, Lambeth, York, the Scottish Borders and the Welsh Coast, also introduced similar contactless schemes.

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