A claim for 70 million rubles was filed against a hotel in Thailand because of a tourist trampled to death by an elephant

A claim for 70 million rubles was filed against a hotel in Thailand because of a tourist trampled to death by an elephant

Almost a year has passed since a tragic incident in Thailand when an elephant trampled a tourist to death at a popular Thai resort. A lawyer authorized by the deceased traveler's wife filed a lawsuit against the resort for damages. According to the Thai media, the amount of the claim is 21 million baht, i.e. 70 million rubles.

The background is as follows: on April 15, 2021, Thais were feeding an elephant in front of the Jungle House Khaoyai hotel complex, but the animal broke free. On the way, he came across a 53-year-old tourist, who was killed by an angry giant.

The hotel did not seek to compensate for the death of a man, despite the fact that he left behind a wife and two minor children. According to the wife of the deceased, the management has not reimbursed her a single ruble since the tragic death of her husband, although the past year turned out to be very difficult for her, because at the time of her vacation with her husband she was a housewife and was raising children and had no source of income.

After the emergency, the hotel presented only a wreath, and the representative talked with the tourist at the police station. Since the horrific death occurred on the property, the lawyer advised the woman to seek damages in court. It was decided to declare the amount in the amount of 70 million in ruble equivalent. As the wife of the deceased explained, she wants the trial to become a social example that will prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

In turn, the mahout told the police that the animal had never been cruelty before and regularly drove tourists. Immediately before the incident, the trainer tied the elephant near the road, and he went to mow the lawn. When he returned, the man had already died.

The trainer complained that after the incident he was fired and he could not find a job for a long time – no one wanted to deal with this elephant. For safety reasons, tourists are advised to avoid close contact with any elephants unless their owners are nearby, as the animals may attack strangers.

This is not the only time that trained elephants have attacked tourists. So, in 2016, in the same place, in Thailand, on the island of Koh Samui, an elephant killed a British tourist right in front of his teenage daughter, when the man decided to take a photo. The mahout was nearby.

Recently, during a safari in a popular park in Uganda, a wild elephant attacked a tourist while taking a selfie. Turprom previously wrote about this case – the details are here.

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