A complete bummer: giving birth to Russian immigrants began to cancel their residence permits, the Russian Foreign Ministry gave them advice

Complete bummer: giving birth to Russian immigrants began to cancel their residence permit, the Russian Foreign Ministry gave them advice

In Argentina, apparently, they plan to “close the shop” for businessmen who help Russian women with the birth of a child in this country, which gives them a residence permit and citizenship for the child, and in the future for their parents. Russian immigrants giving birth began to have their residence permits canceled, and the Russian Foreign Ministry advised tourists planning to give birth in Argentina to check whether local consultants who help them with this for money act according to the laws of the country.

Recall that until recently, Russian tourists – those who could afford it – actively and without much attention flew to Argentina to give birth, or rather, to obtain citizenship. But a couple of weeks ago, a scandal erupted – on one of the flights, 33 pregnant women flew in at once, and at a later date. And three of them were detained at the airport due to problems with documents. Later it turned out that three more Russian women had been detained earlier. Read more here.

What is the reason for such a specific medical tourism is not difficult to explain. A child born in Argentina becomes a citizen of that country, and his parents can also apply for a passport. At the same time, multiple agencies specialized in the delivery of Russian women, positioning themselves as consulting centers on immigration issues. Experts assure that the business is widespread and profitable: it costs several thousand dollars to help Russian women come to the country and not only give birth, but also obtain a residence permit and citizenship.

“In this regard, we would like to draw the attention of our compatriots who intend to visit Argentina for such purposes to the legal side of this trip. In particular, we would recommend to calculate all possible risks: make sure that the consultant you choose acts in accordance with Argentinean law and is trustworthy,” the Russian Foreign Ministry warned the Russians with such a warning. The aforementioned six detainees managed to challenge the decision in court – however, it seems that they are starting to close the shop. The Argentine authorities have begun to cancel the validity of the residence permit of Russian citizens who received it through the birth of a child, but did not remain in the country.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry also reminded tourists that Russians can stay in Argentina without a visa for no more than 90 days during each period of 180 days. Therefore, at the border, the Russians may be asked to present a return ticket. The department also added that the Argentine authorities are now investigating such agencies and “Russian law enforcement agencies are open to cooperation and dialogue with Argentine partners.”

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