A complete list of countries where you can buy tours from Russia has been compiled, indicating working tour operators

A complete list of countries where you can buy tours from Russia has been compiled, indicating working tour operators

Russian tourists have everything almost 30 countries are still available “for departure” and tour operators are ready to offer him tours. Among them are such easily accessible destinations as Abkhazia and Belarus, as well as “far” abroad. Details with a list and prices were given by experts from the Association of Tour Operators of Russia – and they are as follows:

  1. Abkhazia: tour operators offer it mainly with arrival in Sochi, at the moment, i.e. in March it is basically a tour around the country. Prices start from 23’700 with regular flights. You can fly not only from Moscow, but also from Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Ufa, Novosibirsk and other large cities. Since the route with a flight across Russia – “air” sanctions, he may not be afraid.
  2. Azerbaijan – offers not only sightseeing, but also therapeutic rest. There are both direct and connecting flights.
  3. Armenia is a country well mastered by organized tourism – city tours, recreational holidays, sightseeing, “vaccine tours” – all this is in the offers of tour operators. Prices – from 66 655 rubles. for two for a week.
  4. Bahrain is a beach country not yet explored by our tourists. You can fly both with transfers and direct flights. Prices are 126-280 thousand rubles, depending on the tour operator.
  5. Belarus – the usual excursion and medical offers, as well as city tours remain in effect.
  6. Vietnam – tourists are offered a beach holiday in Nha Trang, Fukuoka, Phan Thiet. A flight with transfers on a combination of foreign airlines.
  7. Greece – despite the closed sky, you can get there through Yerevan Armenia + Aegean Airlines, through Istanbul Turkish Airlines + Aegean Airlines. The prices are really impressive – at least 300 thousand for a short vacation.
  8. Egypt – flights have been canceled for now, but some tour operators offer flights with regular connecting flights of foreign a/c Turkish Airlines + Pegasus, EgyptAir, etc. (almost daily, according to the frequency of flights a/c). Prices for tours start from 39,698 rubles. per person
  9. India – there are offers for delivery in March-May by connecting flights, for example a/c Qatar Airways for 6 nights, from 32,000 rubles. per person + (a/b foreign companies).
  10. Indonesia – there are quite a lot of proposals for a freshly discovered beach country. This is, first of all, a beach and sightseeing vacation in Bali, a flight by regular flights of foreign a -/to Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar, etc. with transfers. Prices from 73 055 rubles. per person
  11. Iran – there are separate excursion routes for lovers.
  12. Cambodia – individual tour operators offer flights to a beach holiday, from 192,000 rubles. per person + a/b of foreign airlines.
  13. Qatar – there are surprisingly many offers for this Middle Eastern country from tour operators, including cruises, city tours and the beach. Prices are very diverse, some promise a route with a flight for 65,045 rubles. per person
  14. Kenya “beach vacation, safari, combinations” Flights on connecting flights of foreign airlines in combination with Ethiopian Airlines. This is how tour operators evaluate it.
  15. Mauritius beach vacation with a route on foreign a/c with transfers. Prices really bite – above 400 thousand rubles. for a week for two – this is the minimum.
  16. Tour operator Coral Travel: beach holidays in Mauritius, tours with flights on regular flights of foreign airlines (with transfers).
  17. Malaysia beach vacation on connecting flights from Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates for 6-15 nights, from 82,467 rubles. per person
  18. Maldives – almost every tour operator has a range of offers. Prices from 300 thousand per week for two. Flight on connecting flights of foreign airlines from Moscow.
  19. Morocco – beach vacation + excursion + flight on a direct flight by Royal Air Maroc
  20. Mongolia – exclusive for exotic lovers. 7-9 nights from 313 thousand rubles. Offers include “cashmere shopping”.
  21. Nepal is no less exotic. In total, tickets and routes will cost at least 112 thousand rubles.
  22. The UAE is an affordable beach country, a decent selection of direct flights, in the assortment of almost all tour operators. Prices – from 156 thousand rubles.
  23. Seychelles is another affordable “paradise islands”, tours are offered with a flight on connecting flights of foreign airlines from Moscow – including Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways . Prices – from 250 thousand for two per week.
  24. Serbia, the last European hub, is not opposed to receiving part of the tourist flow – excursion, medical, including “vaccine” tourism. Flights are direct on AirSerbia flights, connecting flights are on Turkish Airlines flights. Prices from 113 thousand per week for two. For lovers – ski tours.
  25. Thailand – there are still quite a few offers. Tours are organized on connecting flights of Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways. Prices from 82 thousand rubles
  26. Turkey – a lot of proposals are expected. By the way, Turkish tour operators who stopped flights offer to book a hotel with them without a flight. Also for the near future in the range of excursions, from 47 thousand per week; Vaccine tours to Istanbul are also in demand.
  27. Uzbekistan is a non-trivial proposal for an amateur. Expensive – for 191 thousand for a week for two.
  28. Sri Lanka – offers are also in assortment, available both with direct regular SriLankan flights (2 times a week), and connecting flights of foreign airlines – Qatar, Turkish Airlines, flydubai, Emirates, etc. almost every day. Prices from 56K per person.
  29. South Africa – a limited number of exotic offers from 240K per person.

Experts reminded that quite a lot remained in the work tour operators are Intourist, Russian Express, Space Travel, FUN& SUN (former TUI), Pax, Ambotis Holidays and others. Turkish TOs, which have curtailed flights for the time being, also offer ground accommodation in hotels or flights to near-Russian countries – the same Abkhazia.

Recall that despite the air sanctions, a Russian tourist can still get to 15 countries – and many of them are “tourist specialization”. True, foreign carriers fly there – only 24 airlines. At the same time, we note that many carriers that canceled flights announced cancellations before the end of March – and from April-May, on the contrary, some import carriers planned to restore flights.

In the meantime, that is, in the coming dates in March 2022, direct flights of foreign airlines from Russia fly to 15 countries:

  1. Turkey,
  2. UAE,
  3. Bahrain,
  4. Qatar,
  5. Morocco,
  6. Iran,
  7. Kazakhstan,
  8. Kyrgyzstan,
  9. Armenia,
  10. Belarus,
  11. Turkmenistan,
  12. Tajikistan,
  13. Uzbekistan,
  14. India,
  15. Sri Lanka.

For more information about flights and carriers, follow this link.

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