A country popular with St. Petersburg tourists has extended covid restrictions

A country popular with St. Petersburg tourists has extended covid restrictions

Finland does not plan to open “at the external borders” – i.e. including for Russian tourists – at least until April 10. At least, such a decision was voiced by the local Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, at the moment, the “air” border of the country is closed along with the entire European Union.

Officially, we are talking about extending the coronavirus restrictions. “In accordance with the decision of the government, entry restrictions at the external borders have been extended until April 10, 2022,” the country’s Foreign Ministry said on its website. So far, there is a slight relief only for tourists from cruise ships arriving from outside the EU – i.e. actually from the US, or less likely from Arab countries. They will be allowed entry if they present a certificate of vaccination with a drug recognized in Europe.

In general, Russian tourists can still travel to 30 countries on almost 30 air carriers. Some countries also retained flights and Russian airlines with “Superjet”. Read the details in the material: “A complete list of countries where you can buy tours from Russia, indicating working tour operators” has been compiled.

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