A drunk tourist on a plane tried to urinate on a woman by unzipping his fly and causing a wild shock

A drunken tourist on a plane tried to urinate on a woman by unzipping his fly and causing a wild shock

The shocking story of one passenger was told by the British edition of the Dailystar. The tourist decided to treat herself and her husband by upgrading her class of service on the plane from economy to business – but alas, the availability of alcohol in business class turned out to be a terrible story for tourists: one of the insanely drunk fellow travelers tried to urinate on a woman, unbuttoning his fly and causing a wild shock.

As the tourist said, she and her husband flew from Glasgow to Sydney via Dubai on an Emirates airliner, and decided to upgrade the class of service for the second long leg of the route, a 13-hour flight. She spent 108,000 miles to upgrade to business class. But the “luxury experience” turned out to be terrible.

It all started with the alleged fellow travelers getting drunk and screaming in the business lounge bar. And during the flight, available alcohol brought them to a completely insane state.

“One of the men, drunk, came up to my seat and wanted to sit down, convinced that this was his seat. His friend took him away, but about an hour or so later, the same thing happened again. This time one of the stewards removed it as my husband had already alerted them to the situation. But he came a third time too – and to my horror, when he came up to me, he unbuttoned his trousers, and it looked like he was going to urinate in my place. The husband had to push him away. Apparently, this man has already urinated on his own seat, ”said the shocked tourist. As a result, she could not sleep at all, fearing that the drunk would return again, and “if I close my eyes, he will cope with me.”

The publication adds that the accident report was registered by the airline. However, when the traveler asked the airline to refund the air miles she used to upgrade, she said the airline told her they would only refund 20,000 miles, a “goodwill gesture.” As a result, the tourist declares that she plans to accuse the carrier of serving additional alcohol to the drunk passenger.

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