A fake hotel was built, where tourists began to try to book a room

Fake hotel built and tourists trying to book a room

Fake hotel that has never received a single tourist, yet has a lot of reviews on TripAdvisor – and a lot of tourists are trying to book it has a number. We are talking about a grand installation – the EastLink Hotel, which is located on the highway outside of Melbourne, Australia. From the highway, it looks like a real hotel in a high-rise building – but those who decide to stay at the hotel will be disappointed.

In fact, this is a grandiose sculpture – a model of the hotel, not quite “identical to the natural one.” Its length is 12 m, height is 20 m, but its width is only 5 m, so, of course, there were no numbers in it and could not be. The fake hotel is built of concrete and steel and has glass windows that glow at night.

The construction of this sculpture cost 1.2 million Australian dollars (over 61 million rubles). The author of the sculpture, Canadian Callum Morton, stated that “motorists will consider it from the car as a real hotel and, perhaps, in time, as an extraordinary prop that escaped from a theme park or film set.” In general, this is a kind of “entertainment” for lovers of original sculptures.

However, as the website of fans of bizarre sculptures assures, the rally works: many motorists try to book a place in a fake hotel. “You'd be surprised at the amount of inquiries we get from people asking for room rates, availability and parking requests,” they assure.

misleading bogus, to quite humorous. “As I understand you, the Eastlink Hotel… I am also chaotic, useless and often mistaken for someone I am not,” wrote, for example, one humorist.

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