A family of Russian tourists, including 2 children, was abandoned on an island in Thailand

A family of Russian tourists, including 2 children, was abandoned on an island in Thailand

A family of Russian tourists of six – four adults and two children – accused a travel company in Thailand of leaving them alone on a tiny island. The Thaiger wrote about it.

The tourists, who wished to remain anonymous to the press, said they rented a speedboat to get to the resort island of Koh Sak. The driver dropped the family at 11:00 am and was supposed to pick it up at 5:00 pm. However, he did not return to the agreed meeting place either at 17:00 pm or later. Also, the man did not answer their repeated phone calls.

After sunset, the travelers began to panic. Fortunately, a local resident of the island saw them and called the tourist police, who arrived on the island around 20:00 pm along with marine lifeguards. The authorities returned the released family back to Pattaya.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Pichaya Kheavplung noted that the incident was not unprecedented, but usually, although rarely, tourists are abandoned on the island of Koh Larn. There are other speed boats that can be used in case of unforeseen circumstances, and accommodation for the night. However, on Koh Sak, the issue of forgotten tourists is more acute.

The police said that the identity of the driver of the speedboat will be established, especially since it will not be difficult to find the boat – the ship was marked with the Pikachu Pokemon symbol. If the accusations are confirmed, the Thai faces a trial. Such incidents greatly harm Pattaya's tourism and the image of the popular resort, the police said.

Recall that since September, Russian tourists have been “storming” Thailand. The kingdom, especially such resorts as Pattaya and Phuket, has always been a popular holiday destination for our compatriots. For example, in pre-COVID 2019, 1.48 million people arrived in Thailand.

In December, Russians made up the largest tourist group in Phuket, the country's main resort island. In November, 55,097 Russian tourists arrived in Phuket. Charter flights to Phuket and Pattaya were filled with Russian vacationers. Less than two weeks after the triumphant return of domestic airlines to Phuket, Aeroflot announced an increase in direct flights to the island. On November 12, the carrier announced that it would add 14 new flights a week from Russia to Phuket.

Help: Ko Sak is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast of Thailand, which has a predominantly mountainous landscape and rocky shores. It has the shape of a horseshoe and is located just 600 meters from the island of Koh Lan. The island has two main beaches in the northern and southern parts. Known for the unique underwater world due to the coral reef. Ferries do not go to the island, but hired boats run. You can also get there as part of an excursion group from a travel agency.

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