A famous actress warned tourists about bribes and torture in the Thai police, talking about schemes to press foreigners

A famous actress warned tourists about bribes and torture by the Thai police, talking about schemes to press foreigners

The scandal over the “bastard police” (that's what literally called the peace officers) of Thailand was raised on social networks by a well-known Taiwanese actress. The star of the local cinema, who played in the “Perfect Girl”, Sharlene An, warned all tourists about bribes and torture in the Thai police, talking about schemes for pressing foreigners. The actress herself with the company managed to “get out of the dungeons” only for a large bribe – in her words, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) extorted 27,000 baht (almost 57 thousand rubles) from her and friends on false, fabricated charges. The actress also said that she would never visit Thailand again.

“It happened to me on Wednesday, January 4th. My friends and I did not violate anything, we just went to our hotel by taxi around one in the morning. The police at the checkpoint asked us to stop. All of a sudden they started searching the car, our bags and ourselves,” says the 32-year-old actress. The police could not find anything illegal, so she demanded that the tourists present their visas. “I showed them my visa, VOA (visa on arrival), which was legally issued at the airport. The police said that my visa was not acceptable, adding that I should only have a printed visa with a stamp from the official department,” the victim said. In general, the police carefully tried to fabricate charges against the tourists and eventually took them to the station. Moreover, one of An's friends recorded the video as evidence, but the police noticed this and ordered the recording to be deleted.

The women were then taken to the police station, where they were not allowed to sit down. “We were terrorized as criminals, yelled at, scolded and scared the group and demanded an apology for what we didn't do. We begged to be let go. I almost bowed at their feet and did everything I could, ”says the artist.

It turns out that the police only needed one thing – as the actress says, after a couple of hours of bullying, the police took her to the “blind zone” and were told that each of them had to pay 27,000 baht. – and they will be released.

“We paid to get out of this nightmare. As soon as the police received the money, they ordered a taxi and let us out,” adds Ahn. At the same time, she states that they were not alone in the police station – together with them, the police terrorized a group of Korean women. “Perhaps Asian tourists are the target of these bastard police?” – in the end, the actress asked, and also said that she would never be in Thailand again. “Bangkok sucks! Goodbye forever!” – wrote the injured Taiwanese star.

For those tourists who do not heed her advice, she recommends “not to take too much cash with you.” “The police will check your wallets and try to shake them out,” she writes.

In addition, there is an answer to the question about Asian tourists – and it is not very encouraging. A tourist from Great Britain who fell into the clutches of the Thai police suffered much more seriously – only it didn’t cost him money, his ribs and arms were broken, and 4 teeth were knocked out – read about the misadventures of the tourist in this article.

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