A frightened IT specialist spoke about his flight to the USA and returning back to Russia

A frightened IT specialist told about his flight to the USA and returning back to Russia

About the flight after the “famous events” in the USA, ordeals in the country of the “American dream” and returning back to Russia, a Russian “frightened IT specialist” said in his blog on Yandex.Zen. Leaving his savings in America, he returned to “his brick apartment” in Moscow and told the following.

“I worked in Moscow for a well-known company, where we were engaged in digital projects related to payment systems. In general, for my work I received about $2,500 a month, having my own mortgage apartment in Moscow. One day, events began, because of which half of my colleagues decided to leave for Georgia, ”he begins his story. According to him, at first, when the company did not allow him to work remotely, he chose to stay in place, but then he “succumbed to the persuasion” of acquaintances who had previously moved to the United States, although he was “generally a homebody.”

“I took a vacation and went to Mexico, taking with me 20 thousand dollars, one backpack of things and a laptop. You should also try America. After all, this is a land of opportunity. Elon Musk, modern technology, everything,” he explained. However, the reality made its own adjustments – the tourist got tired of the “beautiful sea” after a couple of days, the Internet was terrible, and the service at the hotel in Cancun left much to be desired. In addition, in order to move to the United States, we had to communicate with “helpers”. “It was tedious, hard and the attitude towards us was lousy,” adds the former relocant.

He then proceeds to describe life in the US, also initially admitting that I liked Los Angeles. “I admired the beauty of Santa Monica and Malibu. But housing prices in these places were unrealistically high. I thought that even if I get a remote job and get my $2,500, it still won't be enough for me to live near Santa Monica,” he explained. However, the rest of the reality, according to the blogger, did not attract at all. “Central Los Angeles is a big dump, in the truest sense of the word. I have never seen anything like it in Moscow. Everywhere there are mountains of homeless people of all stripes, they even pester drivers at gas stations,” he said. Also, the problem of unemployment immediately arose, since “all the places are already occupied by Indians, of whom there are 20 people per vacancy.” In addition, without a high knowledge of the language, Russian emigrants are not considered.

“I tried to work as a loader, but after a week I realized that it was not for me. The working conditions were difficult and I couldn't afford it,” adds the former relocant. By the way, the “frightened IT specialist” also critically assessed the level of technology. “I noticed that in the US technology is not as advanced as I thought. Silicon Valley is probably the only place in the country where this can be observed. Banking technology leaves much to be desired, still based on the use of mail. The Internet here is far from ideal and often lags,” he explained. The human factor is no better: “If you are smart, then you are perceived as a bore, an eccentric and a loner,” he assured. Also, the “relocant” suffered from loneliness and realized that “you need to go to America with your family.”

“Ultimately, I could not accept the fact that for a normal apartment in Los Angeles I need to pay $3500 that most of my savings were spent on it, whereas in Moscow I have my own quiet brick apartment. One day, all this realization hit me harder, and I became angry. I bought an expensive ticket from New York to Istanbul and then to Moscow. Now I'm at home with no money or savings. No more foot to the pendos!” – summed up the failed relocant.

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