A giant queue lined up outside the Moscow office of Turkish Airline, wishing to fly out of Russia. Flight cancellations in Istanbul

Turkish Airline's Moscow office has a huge line of people wishing to fly from Russia. flight cancellations

Huge queues have accumulated at the “main gate” for Russians to travel abroad – at the main Russian office of Turkish Airlines on Valovaya Street in Moscow. Such data is reported by the Turkish tourist media. Meanwhile, flights from Turkey's main harbor, Istanbul Airport, have been temporarily suspended.

“In Russia, where Western states have imposed tough sanctions, it has become more difficult for people to travel abroad. For this reason, the most important choice for Russian citizens was Turkey, which did not close its airspace to Russia, and Turkish Airlines, whose flights continue,” they explain, further saying that “Russian citizens trying to fly from Russia to Turkey or to different parts of the world through Turkey, from countries that are still fully open, lined up in front of the Turkish Airlines office on Valovaya Street.”

There are several reasons for these queues at once – these are problems with payment by cards, which made it difficult to buy tickets online, as well as a huge number of people who want to both buy, return or change tickets, due to changes in conditions.

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