A group of 38 foreign tourists disappeared in Moscow

A group of 38 foreign tourists disappeared in Moscow

The search for almost 40 missing foreign tourists from Iraq is being conducted in Moscow. Tourists, according to the Baza Telegram channel, left on May 1-2 in “small groups” and did not return. They do not suspect a criminal trace in their disappearance, but there is a version that the tourists intend to stay in Russia, having received the status of refugees.

According to the source, the Iraqi tourists – about nine families, some with children – arrived on a tourist visa and for the purpose of tourism. They were planning a week-long tour, during which the Iraqis were supposed to take several excursions. “Their passports were handed over to the hotel reception with strict instructions – do not give documents to tourists, passports could only be handed over to their guide at the time of departure for the tour,” added a travel agency employee who filed a complaint about the disappearance of tourists.

< p> From her words, the precaution was not superfluous, but it turned out to be useless. The arrivals immediately refused to see the sights, citing fatigue. After that, tourists tried several times to get their passports at the reception under various pretexts. They failed, but the tourists still left the hotel in small groups and did not return.

According to representatives of the travel agency, the real goal of the Iraqis was not tourism at all. “The real goal of the Iraqis was not Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral, but an attempt to obtain refugee status and stay in Russia,” they say.

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