A group of Ukrainians attacked the Russians in a European resort: a diplomatic scandal began

A group of Ukrainians attacked the Russians in a European resort: a diplomatic scandal began

A diplomatic scandal flares up between Russia and France because of the incident at the resort of Deauville. The reason was the attack of a group of Ukrainians on Russian tourists who were there. At the same time, the attackers tried to get rid of the French “law enforcement officers” by “waving” Ukrainian citizenship. And so that the French authorities would not put a brake on this matter, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent them a note of protest.

According to RIA Novosti, the Russian woman Anastasia, who suffered in the incident, told RIA Novosti, she herself is from the Crimea, has lived in France for 13 years, has three citizenship – Russian, Ukrainian and French. “My parents and brother came to visit me for my birthday, they live and work in Crimea, they also have both Russian and Ukrainian passports. We went to Deauville for two days,” the tourist said.

The scandal erupted at the famous fish market, where tourists go to eat fresh seafood. “A company of eight people was sitting at one of the tables: four men and four women 40-45 years old. They drank and spoke Russian. Women from this company persistently asked my mother where they were from, but she, having heard the Ukrainian accent, did not answer,” the tourist said. The company also spoke loudly, and then “turned on the music on the phone and began to sing along loudly,” ignoring the seller’s requests to turn down the volume. “So I go up to them myself and ask them to turn down the music. They begin to run into me, aggressively talk to me. Then my dad comes up and says: “Why are you talking to her like that? She asked politely to turn down the music.” Then one of them abruptly stands up, as if he was waiting for this moment, and starts throwing himself at my dad: “Do you want to fight? Let's go away, we'll figure it out!” – said the tourist.

The tourists obviously did not want to get involved with the tipsy “fighter”, but they failed to get out of the conflict – the “tough” Ukrainian approached the father of the tourist from behind and hit his nose with his elbow. The tourist called the police – and the just rampaging company quickly pretended to be “innocent victims.” “The man who hit his father huddled in a corner, allegedly he had nothing to do with it, and the women began to take out Ukrainian passports and shout: “We are Ukrainians, and they are Russian aggressors!” – said the tourist. However, “it didn’t work”: “The Ukrainians drove the policeman so much that he wanted to use gas against them, because he could not calm them down and withdraw them from this market. Then the Ukrainians asked to be taken to prison because we are Russians. At some point, the policeman said to the aggressive man: “If you are such a greyhound, let’s send you to your homeland, go fight there!” the tourist says. However, the police refused to detain the brawler. Moreover, it later turned out that the violent company lives in the same hotel with tourists, and when Anastasia asked to move them away from the Ukrainian inadequacy, the scandal flared up with renewed vigor.

As a result, after returning to Paris, the tourists filed complaints with the police: Anastasia about threats based on nationality, and her father about physical aggression. In addition, the police doctor issued a six-day incapacitation certificate to the father. Now the family is waiting for the initiation of criminal cases. The Russian embassy in Paris also stood up for the Russians, sending a note to the Foreign Ministry demanding to take action and punish Ukrainian citizens who attacked the Russians. “The Russian Embassy in Paris is aware of the egregious incident that happened to our compatriots, which has become clear evidence of the aggressive Russophobia shown by some immigrants from Ukraine in France,” the statement said. Russia calls on the French Foreign Ministry to take measures to investigate this case, punish those responsible and prevent future situations in which our fellow citizens would be endangered in France.

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