A list of Turkish hotels that have reduced prices has been compiled

Compiled list of Turkish hotels that have reduced prices

A detailed list of Turkish hotels that have reduced prices for Russian tourists was presented in the Turizm Gazetesi newspaper. The publication notes that “pressure on hotels to reduce prices” from the Russian tourist market has yielded results. Hotels are reducing prices one by one.

The publication refers to this Russian ATOR, and notes that some hotels have reduced prices by up to 20%. Some hotels have reduced prices less – by 10-15%, some – by only 5%. But the main thing is that the process has begun.

Recall, according to this ATOR study, prices for some types of hotels have fallen by 17%, and tourists can save up to 30 thousand rubles. Such details were given by ATOR experts, who examined in detail the price changes in all categories. In general, the downward trend in prices is obvious, although there are objects where the price has increased by the season, in general, tours show a steady decline in prices. Thus, many 3 * hotels have fallen in price by 7-9% compared to the prices of mid-April, and in many hotels the prices have become lower than they were during the early booking period. On average, 10 days in a “three-ruble note” will now cost a tourist from 133 – 204 thousand rubles. for two. Among the 4 * hotels there are also those that have risen in price, but some have reduced prices by 15%. That is, tours with a departure on June 11 are not much more expensive than in 3 * – for 141 – 205 thousand rubles. for two. Read more at this link.

The Turkish edition, in turn, provides the following list of hotels with a percentage of price reduction:

  1. Titanic Mardan Palace -20.8%
  2. < li>Scylax Family Club -17.8%

  3. Rios Beach -16.3%
  4. Caretta Relax -15.9%
  5. Serra Garden -14, 9%
  6. Papillon Ayscha -12.1%
  7. Eftalıa Resort -11.9%
  8. Serenis Resort -9.5%
  9. Homeros -9.2%
  10. Rubi Hotel -8.5%
  11. Spice Hotel -8.5%
  12. Lonicera Resort -7.7%< /li>
  13. Begonville -6.9%
  14. D Marıs Bay -5.8%
  15. Greenvvood -5.3%
  16. Lujo Bodrum – 5.1%

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