A local resident attacked a tourist in Thailand for not wearing a mask

A local resident attacked a tourist in Thailand for an undressed mask

“Covidhysteria” again went to the masses: its bright point manifestations became known from tropical Thailand. So, a recently angry local resident, who introduced himself as a policeman, attacked a foreign tourist for an unwearing mask, accusing him of bringing Covid-19 to the kingdom.

The angry exchange was videotaped by a friend of the foreigner without a protective mask and uploaded to social media. The angry Thai did not attack the operator, because. he had personal protective equipment on his face. The following monologue was heard on the footage: “I am an officer, you see (unzips his jacket to reveal a reflective vest with the symbol of the Royal Thai Police). Are people from your country like this? All Thais wear face masks, but you don't. What to do about it…? You can't just apologize. You didn't follow the rules. You are spreading Covid throughout my country. You must think about it. It (the mask) is worn by everyone. Only you don't. I will ask the staff to remove you. Check it out.

However, although the aggressive man claimed that he was a police officer, his behavior and ignorance of the rules for wearing masks led The Thaiger to the idea that he was probably a traffic police officer or even a volunteer. Netizens from both the Thai and international community are divided over the controversial video. According to some, foreigners should follow the social norms of the country and respect the locals, according to others, wearing personal protective equipment in Thailand is no longer legal. However, one user attached an update on the coronavirus situation in Thailand to the thread. According to an update, 4,914 people have been infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days, with 74 deaths.

After the story of the conflict went viral, the Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) official account re-posted its mask-wearing statement on trains heavily used by tourists: “Passengers are reminded that although the wearing of masks in public outdoor areas has been relaxed, BTS SkyTrain still asks for your cooperation to wear protective equipment when using the system, as recommended by the Ministry of Health.”

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