A major Russian tour operator launches a whole squadron of flights to Goa

A major Russian tour operator launches a whole squadron of flights to Goa

Anex Tour tour operator announced a real squadron of flights to Goa: flights to the popular Indian resort will be launched almost immediately from five Russian cities. All this will happen during November. Flights from Omsk from November 22 and Perm from November 29 were added to previously announced flights from Moscow from November 13, Yekaterinburg from November 15 and Kazan from November 16.

According to ATOR, according to ANEX Tour, new flights the details are as follows: flights from Omsk and Perm will be carried out once every 10 days. Departures from Omsk to Goa are scheduled at 22:55, arrival at 4:55 local time. Return flight – at 6.30, arrival in Omsk – at 13.30. Departure from Perm – at 21.55, arrival – at 4:55 am local time. Return flight – at 6:30 am, arrival in Perm – at 13.10.

As for prices, tours from Omsk to 3 * (breakfast) for 10 days start from 117 thousand rubles. for two. For the New Year with a departure on December 23, the price will rise to 163 thousand rubles. for two. Similar tours from Perm cost from 119 thousand rubles. Tour for the New Year (departure on December 30) – from 189 thousand rubles. for two. The price includes a direct charter flight, fuel surcharge, accommodation, meals, transfers and insurance. If necessary, you can buy a private transfer to the hotel. Anex also provides visa support to its tourists, helping, in particular, with obtaining an electronic visa. The service will cost 65 euros.

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