A massive drop in prices for tours for Russians has begun

A massive drop in prices for tours for Russians has begun

With the end of the May holidays, the average price tag for tour packages offered to Russian tourists for the summer holidays has decreased by 14%. Moreover, the trend of a massive fall in prices affected both domestic and foreign directions. Such data was published by the tourist service Level.Travel, having conducted a new study.

For example, a weekly “package” vacation in Turkey for the May holidays cost 130 thousand rubles, and after the holidays it decreased by 7% and amounted to an average of 121 thousand rubles. The average cost of Russians for domestic travel decreased by 20%. If the average organized vacation during the May holidays cost tourists 52 thousand rubles, then in the second half of May a trip around Russia cost much less – only 41,500 rubles.

Level.Travel Marketing Director Evgeny Ginzburg noted that the best prices for holidays were presented in the second half of May, after long holidays. “The period between the May holidays, when demand for holidays is high, and the summer season, when demand rises sharply, is the most economical holiday option for many tourists. During this period, hotels and tour operators offer discounts and additional services to attract customers,” he said.

Another interesting study was conducted by the tourist service Tutu.ru. According to the data received, it turned out that despite the tension in the world, the majority of Russians intend to go on vacation this summer, and also showed that our compatriots are showing increased interest in new resorts, the popularity of which has increased dramatically over the past few years. However, at present, the share of destinations chosen for summer vacations in Russia is 87%, and the share of vacation trips abroad is only 13% of the total.

In particular, we are talking about the growing popularity of resorts of Mineralnye Vody in the Caucasus. Service experts noted that along with this direction, the southern resort city of Russia, Sochi, is still the leader in choosing a place to spend summer vacations. In domestic tourism, excursion destinations to Moscow and St. Petersburg have retained the top lines of popularity.

In addition, it is stated that Russians, who have limited opportunities for traveling abroad, are beginning to show interest in resort tours to Georgia. The experts emphasized that Turkey is also one of the leading foreign destinations in the field of summer vacation demand.

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