A new airline flew to Istanbul with prices cheaper than Pobeda

A new airline with prices cheaper than Pobeda flew to Istanbul

A new airline with prices cheaper than Pobeda will fly from Moscow to Istanbul from June 5th. We are talking about the Nordwind airline, which launches regular flights to the former Constantinople. Tours to Istanbul will be sent on flights, as well as tickets for retail sale.

As representatives of the carrier told ATOR, the flights will be operated jointly with the Ikar airline on Boeing 777-200 liners with a layout of 440 passenger seats. Nordwind flights from Moscow to Istanbul will be operated twice a week: on Mondays and Thursdays. On Mondays, departure from Sheremetyevo is at 9:15, arrival in Istanbul at 14:20. Travel time is 5 hours 10 minutes. The return flight to the Russian capital is at 15:40, arrival at 21:40, the flight will take 5 hours. On Thursdays, flights from Moscow to Istanbul are scheduled at 2:40, arrival at 7:50. Return flight at 9:10, arrival in Moscow at 13:55.

At the same time, at the moment in June, the price of tickets is 10.8 thousand rubles. one way for a “no-luggage” fare and 13.2 thousand – with luggage. Pobeda's prices for flights to Istanbul are about 30,000 rubles. for a round-trip, while luggage will cost an additional 5 thousand. On Aeroflot flights on the same route, you will have to pay 42 thousand for a round-trip. So the prices are still “cheaper than Pobeda”.

The experts also presented the prices for tours to Istanbul from Pegasus on this transportation. The cost of a weekly 3-star tour with breakfast is from 88 thousand rubles.

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