A new blow has been dealt to Russian tourism: banks of three “friendly” countries have left Russian tourists without MIR cards

American sanctions against the Russian payment system MIR have “sinked” to “friendly countries”. Following Turkey, a number of banks in Kazakhstan, Armenia and Vietnam have suspended servicing Russian cards. According to media reports, so far we are talking about a few specific banks, but how the situation will develop further is unclear.

So, in Kazakhstan, work with MIR cards was “temporarily suspended” by the Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, which is the largest bank in the country. According to RIA Novosti, the service of cards in ATMs has been suspended, however, the bank services MIR cards in the standard mode when paying for purchases and services.

In turn, vesti.az reported that Armenia also refused “MIRA”. The banks of this country allegedly stopped servicing Mir cards, cardholders cannot cash out amounts at ATMs.

In Izvestia, they added that the Vietnamese BIDV bank also refused to service MIR cards. It should be noted that two banks accepted cards in Vietnam – the second of them is VRB, which is part of the common system.

We note that experts consider sanctions threats to be the main reason for such steps from the side of these banks. On September 15, a document of the US Treasury was published, according to which the US is ready to impose sanctions for supporting the use of the Russian NSPK system and the Mir national payment system. Some of the Turkish banks were the first to refuse to serve Russian cards, followed by “friendly countries”.

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