A new statement was made on the maintenance of Russian aircraft in Turkey

A new statement has been made on servicing Russian aircraft in Turkey

A new statement on the maintenance of Russian aircraft in Turkey has now been made by officials. And it is relatively “reassuring”: “ground handling services for Russian aircraft in Turkey will continue to be provided,” Rosaviatsia assured.

According to the official website of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Deputy Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Vladimir Poteshkin and Head of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority Kemal Yuksek held consultations in Ankara to develop air traffic between the two countries. At the same time, the main topic of the meeting was “issues of air transportation between Russia and Turkey in the upcoming IATA season “Summer 2023”, including separately the issue of fuel supply for aircraft of Russian airlines in Turkey.

The answer to it is tentatively reassuring : “The issue of performing flights by Russian and Turkish airlines is under the constant control of the aviation authorities of the two countries. Flights of Russian airlines scheduled for the IATA Summer 2023 season will be regularly provided with ground handling at the airports of the Republic of Turkey in accordance with previously concluded commercial agreements,” the Federal Air Transport Agency emphasized.

Recall that this issue was put on the agenda by the alarming message at the end of the week about the next “air sanctions” against Russia. According to the statement of the Turkish edition of Airporthaber, in Turkey “the provision of various services to aircraft manufactured in the United States and under Russian-Belarusian control has been terminated.” Experts said that the decision was made in accordance with the decision of the Department of Customs and Trade, moreover, at the direct request of the States, more precisely, in connection with the letter from the Office of Industry and Security on export practices of the US Department of Commerce. Further, however, clarifications followed that we are not talking about all the aircraft, but only about 30 aircraft that fall under sanctions – and they mainly belong to Aeroflot. Read the details at this link. How the story with this sanctions list is developing, however, the “high departments”, however, did not specify.

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