A new type of fraud has appeared: tourists began to be bred for money in a new way

A new type of fraud has appeared: tourists have begun to be swindled for money in a new way

in Italy. The method was revealed by travel blogger Casey Rose. According to her information, in this way criminals hunt in the Italian “cities of art”, primarily in Florence.

According to her, scammers are trying to force tourists to pay for the “affected” paintings on the street in major tourist places. If a tourist steps on them – and it is almost impossible not to step on them – they will try to “squeeze” compensation of 300 euros from him.

“See these pictures on the ground? This is a fraud. These people lay the picture on the ground in the most touristy streets and corners where people are constantly crowded. And when someone steps on the “masterpieces” – and this is almost inevitable, because tourists look at the beautiful buildings around and do not look under their feet – they begin to demand money from them for the damaged painting, ”the tourist said.

Her advice to tourists is simple: first, do not pay, because this is an elaborate scam and fraud, and just leave without reacting. If the “artists” try to prevent this, contact the police for help.

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