A ranking of the 100 best cities in Europe has been compiled

Ranked out of the 100 best cities in Europe

The ranking of the 100 best cities in Europe – both for tourism and for living, was compiled by Resonance, a consulting group in the field of real estate, tourism and economic development. The rating was headed by quite expected favorites – London, Paris and Amsterdam. In total, the list “stretches” from Norway to Turkey and is compiled according to 24 indicators grouped into six main categories.

Chris Fair, president and CEO of Resonance Consultancy, told AFAR that the company uses a combination of key statistics (such as GDP and crime rates) to compile the rankings, and the assessment of life in the city by locals and tourists, collected both from ratings of travel platforms and on social networks. “We don't just choose the best city to live in, work in, or visit as a tourist destination – we evaluate a combination of all factors,” he said. He also noted that the rating takes into account those factors that the end user chooses when choosing a place to work or travel and which are considered the “experiential quality of the city” – such things as culture, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and sports.

The six evaluation categories mentioned above included the following. “Place” – all statistics are evaluated here, from the weather and the number of popular attractions to safety. “People” evaluates the “level” of local residents, in particular the amount of education and the percentage of working people in the city. “Program” is a category of interest to the tourist, it considers “what most guidebooks would call “things to do” – including culture, restaurants, shops, etc. The category “product” includes the infrastructure of each city, including the number of international airports and directions of departure from them. Prosperity estimates “the number of Global 500 corporate headquarters” as well as GDP per capita, income equality index, and unemployment rate. The category “promotion” – takes into account how popular the city is on the Internet and completes the list of categories “advertising”, which also evaluates the number of registrations and hashtags in social networks, search queries about the city and other Internet statistics.

As a result The list included 15 cities from the UK, 14 from Germany, 13 from France, 8 from Italy and 7 from Spain. In the top ten there are three Swiss and two Spanish cities. But in general it looks like this:

  1. London, UK
  2. Paris, France
  3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  4. Barcelona, ​​Spain
  5. Zurich, Switzerland
  6. Madrid, Spain
  7. Berlin, Germany
  8. Rome, Italy
  9. Basel, Switzerland
  10. Geneva, Switzerland

Let's add a city that is easily accessible to Russian tourists – we are, of course, talking about Istanbul. He was in the “first half” of the ranking and relatively high, closing the second ten. By the way, having “bypassed” such cities popular with tourists as, for example, Lisbon, Naples and Budapest, as well as all the capitals of the Scandinavian countries.

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