A Russian after studying in Milan told how to fool any sommelier by adding only one ingredient to wine

A Russian after studying in Milan told how to fool any sommelier by adding just one ingredient to wine

A Russian who studied as a sommelier in Milan revealed one popular ingredient that even from ordinary dry wine will make a more noble drink with pronounced and pleasant notes of freshness. The trick was tested on a team of professional sommeliers, he said in his blog on Yandex.Zen, which means it will work on any wine expert.

According to a compatriot, he learned about the history of fooling Italian professional sommeliers from a teacher in Milan. Here is an excerpt from the traveler's story: “The students were given three bottles of wine from different grape varieties (KabSov, Merlot and something else). The task was to create the most interesting blend (wine made from a mixture of grape varieties) literally in front of the professors, and then give them a tasting to evaluate the result. To increase interest, the students were divided into teams to add a motivating spirit of competition to the class. The result of the work amazed the team of professional sommeliers who were supposed to taste the blends. The blend of one of the teams turned out to be head and shoulders above the quality of the other two. It was more fresh, fruity, bright and drinkable, although the wines from which the blend was made were the same for everyone.

When the truth was revealed, the team of students was immediately disqualified and almost expelled from the course, the cost of which for each was 7,000 euros (540 thousand rubles). It turned out that the winners of the competition added a quarter of a sachet of sugar (about 2 grams) to the wine, which one of them had left after breakfast in the morning. A pinch of sugar turned an ordinary dry wine into a more attractive drink even for professional sommeliers who ate a dog at such tastings.

It's all about the receptors. A small amount of sugar where it was not expected to be felt satisfied the brain, which in the shortest possible time received signals of pleasure from the receptors in the mouth.

“I do not advise anyone to repeat this trick at international sommelier competitions, but try it on his friends at the New Year's table stands. Since real sommeliers do not distinguish lies from truth, ordinary people, even advanced ones, will definitely not understand what the catch is, ”the author said.

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