A Russian came to Egypt and named 20 things that are not in Hurghada, but which Russian tourists are used to

A Russian came to Egypt and named 20 things that are not in Hurghada, but to which Russian tourists are accustomed

20 things that are taken for granted in Russia, but which are not in Egypt and, in particular, in Hurghada, were listed on his blog in Yandex.Zen by a Russian who came to Egypt . This includes both “everyday little things”, like baby food, instant puree and coffee, and things that ignorance of which can turn into a problem for a tourist, like the lack of unlimited Internet and a ban on drones.

The blogger presented the following list:

  1. No unlimited internet. “Mobile and home internet is bought in the form of gigabyte packages and they are not cheap: at best, 200 pounds (~500 rubles) for 20 GB of mobile internet and 100 pounds (250 rubles) for 100 GB of home,” he explained.
  2. Another point about the Internet – there is no high-speed Internet in Hurghada either. Mobile 4G operates at a speed of ~ 10 Mb/s, urban DSL technology – 30 Mb/s. “Theoretically, there is 100 Mbps, but few have seen it :),” the blogger added.
  3. There are no sites for renting and buying and selling real estate. “The owners of some apartments advertise them on social networks, the rest have only enough enthusiasm to attach a sign with the inscription “For Rent” and a phone number to the house, and messengers are often not attached to this phone, and the owner does not understand a word in any languages except Arabic,” the blogger said. At the same time, hardly 1% of the rented real estate is displayed on international sites.
  4. There are no price tags in stores, even those that have fixed prices, keep records and sell through a computer system with barcode scanning. “Often in such stores, prices can even be lower than in chain stores with price tags. Surely, if there were price tags, they would buy much more from them, and not go to other stores, but apparently the owners of the stores are already happy with everything,” the blogger adds.
  5. For those who are counting on “wintering” or “relocation” with a stopover not at a hotel, the blogger emphasizes separately: in most areas of Hurghada there is no free access to the sea. “It is not only impossible to approach it, but it is also impossible to see it – the entire coast is built up with hotels, villas, LCDs. Even all the wastelands and abandoned hotels have fences and guards who do not let anyone go to the sea,” he adds.
  6. There are no normal postal addresses in Hurghada. Many streets have two names at the same time, many houses do not have any numbers.
  7. There are no numbers for minibuses. “In most cases, the only way to find out where the minibus is going is to stop it and ask. Some (but not all) drivers and passengers know certain finger signs indicating the route,” the blogger explained.
  8. No one follows the rules of the road. “Crossing the street in an arbitrary place is no different from crossing a pedestrian crossing,” the blogger explained. Despite the fact that all the road infrastructure is there.
  9. Mopeds and scooters are not popular in Egypt. “They can be found, but very rarely, and there is no question of the popularity of rental,” the blogger added.
  10. In Hurghada there are no markets for equipment, building materials, household goods. “There are a lot of fruit and vegetable markets, there are fish markets, there are really no clothing markets,” the blogger added. But there are streets where all the shops sell building materials and household goods.
  11. In Hurghada, there is no dry instant mashed potatoes for sale. There are any Knorr, Maggi products, except mashed potatoes.
  12. There are no canned meats for children. All “jars” are only fruit and vegetable.
  13. We do not sell 4000K neutral white LED bulbs. 90% of commercially available light bulbs are 6500K cold light, 10% are 3000K warm light.
  14. No cheap alkaline batteries. “The shops have either expensive alkaline Energizer and Toshiba (about 25 pounds – ~ 70 rubles per 1 piece), or cheap salt Eveready and many local brands,” the tourist writes. hair dryers – sometimes you can find them in small shops for tourists, but you will not find them in large stores.
  15. There are also no narrow washing machines. 100% of automatic washing machines are 60 cm deep.
  16. “There are no lever locks. Even on the most “fancy” metal doors there are locks with ordinary cylinders (larvae) with English or punched keys. For greater “security” of such locks, up to three pieces are put on the door (two on the normal side, the third on the hinge side),” the blogger said.
  17. Capsule coffee machines are very rare on sale and they are very expensive. At the same time, capsule coffee is sold in many supermarkets.
  18. Drones are completely banned in Egypt. There are not even children's flying toys.
  19. Also, according to the blogger, “many technical achievements of recent years have not yet reached Egypt”: among them, he named the rental of electric scooters (only as entertainment for tourists), robotic vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners, as well as “innovations such as leakage protection systems and home ventilation systems.”

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