A Russian tourist arrived in a popular country and was surprised by the obscene name of the lake

A Russian tourist came to a popular country and was surprised by the obscene name of the lake

The Russian traveler visited Europe and saw a small glacial lake in Slovenia, which exuded mysterious mystery and the impossibility of forgetting about its almost Russian obscene name – this is Lake Bledskoye, otherwise – Bleyskoye, Bleysko and Bled.

The lake located at the foot of the Julian Alps, is the most visited and most photographed tourist spot in the popular European country. However, as the Russian woman noted on her Yandex.Zen channel, the name of the lake involuntarily evokes associations among compatriots that do not meet expectations, since one can only get delight from the beauty seen.

“According to the legend, once upon a time there was a green meadow on the site of the lake. Now this is hard to believe, looking at its size. The lake with its picturesque islet Bledski and the castle on the rock attracts a wide variety of travelers: those who come to experience the taste of nature untouched by man and those who want to do mountain tourism. From the lake to the Catholic chapel of the Assumption, built on a piece of land in the 16th century, 99 steps lead. Currently, weddings are held in the church, just like several hundred years ago. The chapel is one of the key attractions in Slovenia because of the wishing bell located inside. According to the legend, if you break into it, making a wish, then it will surely come true.

“You can get to the island on special rowing boats – wattle boats, which are not found anywhere else in the world. Since the environment is closely monitored in Slovenia, it is forbidden to use motors, ”she said. In addition, boats depart from several locations around the lake. For independent tourists, a boat rental under the castle rock is available. To enjoy the colorful landscape and a small number of tourists, a compatriot advised to go to Lake Bled in the fall, not in the summer.

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