A Russian tourist bit off an Englishwoman's finger during a fight on the beach of a popular resort

Russian tourist bit off Englishwoman's finger during fight on the beach of a popular resort

During a fight on the beach of a popular resort in Thailand, a Russian tourist became angry with a British traveler and bit off her finger. The conflict broke out over a beach bean bag. The details were reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred on the famous party island of Koh Phangan last Saturday, but it became known only now. 42-year-old British Angelina and 32-year-old Russian Varvara argued about whether the Englishwoman can use the free soft pouffe on the beach. At some point, a compatriot grabbed her opponent by the hand and bit off the tip of her middle finger.

It is known that Angelina's 39-year-old friend, the former German fencer Monika Sozanska, was with her at the time and watched the developments. According to the German woman, the drama that unfolded before her eyes resembled “something from a horror movie,” although nothing foreshadowed food. Tourists came to a Thai beach and decided to take a bean bag chair, which lay next to a couple of tourists, just to relax.

Sozanska, a participant in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, told Bild newspaper: “It was on a Saturday at 1:30 pm when Angelina and I were looking for a place at the Koh Raham Beach Club to have a fresh coconut. Then we noticed a loose pillow next to a young couple.”

The situation escalated when Varvara refused the British woman's request to take beach equipment. Angelina was allowed to take it with her only after the intervention of the waiter. The situation angered the Russian woman to such an extent that the compatriot attacked her rival and her dog before the British woman had time to think and fight back. “Angelina punched her in the forehead. The woman briefly disappeared, but returned even more furious. She grabbed Angelina's hand and bit her. Then she spat out the bitten off part of the phalanx and smiled. Blood spattered. It looked like something out of a horror movie,” a German tourist recalled with horror.

While the German woman tried to dig her fingertip out of the sand and calm her petrified friend, Varvara and her companion, whose name remained unknown, tried to escape. However, police patrolling nearby caught them. The compatriot had only a copy of her passport with her, so the police let her go to the hotel for the original. However, the Russians fled by plane to neighboring Malaysia.

At the same time, the British woman was rushed to a hospital on the neighboring island of Koh Samui, but was soon taken home to the UK for a replantation operation. “Now doctors are trying to save the finger and avoid amputation using a special procedure called wrapping,” said an eyewitness and her friend. that unlike the posterior teeth, which are of great strength, the anterior teeth are not designed for such “feats”. “Our teeth are not designed for such loads,” he said. In this regard, the expert suspected that biting off the fingertip was probably painful for the Russian woman as well.

At present, the location of the compatriot is unknown.

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