A Russian tourist, by his example abroad, realized that the most nervous people live in Russia

A Russian tourist realized by his example abroad that the most nervous people live in Russia

« The most nervous people live in Russia, otherwise why does everything in India irritate me so much?” – asked a Russian traveler, being in an Asian country. An Indian and a Russian react completely differently to the same ordinary situations, he said. The tourist wrote about this on the Yandex.Zen channel, envying the calmness of foreign friends.

A reason to sort things out in the queue

The Russian stood in a long line at the checkout in the store and during this time he felt the whole range of emotions, while the locals remained calm. Here is an excerpt from a story that almost threw the Russian out of balance: “People are barely moving, but I’m still standing, and I say to myself:“ well, as much as possible. There is the only working cash desk, and the cashier decided to chat with a colleague, and then left altogether. The people in front of me stood still and continued to feel great when I finally boiled over. The sluggish cashier returned, but continued to chat. The crowd began to move a little faster when he decided to remember us. Then my turn came up, and what do you think – he took out the checks and began to count them! I don't know how I pulled myself together and didn't say anything. “Fire” added people. An Indian is standing behind me and crashes into me with a cart. One push, two, then I turn and look him straight in the eyes. The man never understood why I turned around. He only became embarrassed and smiled, but continued to fidget with the cart, touching me. Then I just stepped forward so as not to awaken the beast in me.”

However, this is not the end of the story of checking endurance for tourists. Annoying customer approached the author and began to pull the grocery cart again. The author turned around and tried to convey his indignation at what was happening with his eyes. The Indian was imbued with the power of the look and took the cart towards other buyers, who turned out to be local.

Watching them, the author noticed that the pushes by the cart didn’t bother any of them, “the Indians didn’t even pay attention to the “accident”” . “Well, they stepped on each other's feet, well, shoved – so what! Why so much indifference and calmness? he protested.

Road incident

According to the traveler, incidents on Indian roads can be called “trash”. “A pedestrian is walking along the road, then a biker drives up and starts honking right at his back. For a long time, persistently, several times. My ears “curled up” from a strong signal, and the pedestrian didn’t even turn around, walking forward like a ram. At this point, the biker quietly circles the subject. And, attention, he didn’t even say anything to him, honked and drove past … In Russia, they would have sworn from head to toe long ago, or maybe they started waving their fists. And in India, no one will say a word,” the Russian compared.

At the same time, the tourist was imbued with wisdom from a conflict-free reaction and said that he also wanted to learn how to look at external circumstances in this way: “I want to master the same indifference, like the Indians, because their calmness also pisses me off a lot. But it looks like you need to be born here in India with such a vision!The blogger noted that there are devils in the still waters, speaking about the inhabitants of India. If you really hurt the Indian, then the offender should immediately run away without looking back. Otherwise, the Indian and his defenders will “walk with clubs and stones.” “The Indians are attacking in droves. Even if he was alone, there would be defenders among the passers-by. Even a foreigner is not afraid! – the Russian warned.

It will not work to offend a resident of India if you push him in line, step on his feet or take his place. However, he will not tolerate insults in his direction. In addition, not only a direct look at the wife/girlfriend of an Indian man, but also touching is considered an insult and a challenge. “They will smash your motorcycle to shreds, they won’t even think about your status or the cost of damage,” he concluded.

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