A Russian tourist figured out which is better: to live a rich man in a poor country or a poor man in a rich one, and was surprised

A Russian tourist figured out what is better: to live a rich man in a poor country or a poor man in a rich , and was surprised

“What is better: to live poorly in a rich country or richly, but in a poor one?”, the Russian traveler asked such an eternally relevant question and came to the conclusion that there is no single right answer to this question. In his blog on Yandex.Zen, he gave pros and cons.

For his comparison of where to live well, having a conditionally equal income of $ 2-3 thousand, the tourist chose Colombia – one from the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world (South America), as well as diametrically opposite European states in terms of living standards – Norway and Switzerland.

and in the poor, on the contrary, she will bathe in luxury, ”the author reasoned.


In a poor and dangerous country, along with entire slum areas, there are houses for the rich, and “more or less clean and safe areas” where it is safe to go outside at night. “In Colombia, a person with an income of $2-3 thousand can afford almost anything he wants. Considering that most of the population earns ten times less, you can roam very well with your $2,000. You just need to understand that the same poor and dangerous Colombia will surround you…”, he added.

The author also drew attention to the low level of medicine in this country, although he admitted that residents who are not financially constrained can afford the best quality of services there, however, they will not reach the European level either.

Another problem in Colombia is roads and transport. The locals are not spoiled by civilization and tourists, so the authorities care little about fixing problems. As for the railway communication, until the 90s of the last century, Colombia had the most extensive railway network in the northern part of the continent. The modern railway network is almost destroyed.

Perhaps the main inconvenience for long-term tourists in Colombia is the high crime rate. “At the same time, you will live in your house with a pool and a tall fence. Do you need it? Everyone decides for himself,” said the tourist.

Norway and Switzerland

Unlike the poor state in South America, European countries will meet the traveler with high prices for absolutely everything. “The same product will cost many times more, although it will still not be the same. In more developed countries, food safety is being monitored more actively. They often take care of the environment, on which the frequency of visits to the doctor directly depends,” the blogger compared.

As for medical services, they are fabulously expensive in Europe, but they are noticeably different in quality from Colombian ones. A conditional income of $3,000 in Norway is only enough for a traveler to rent a small apartment, not a house with a private pool.

“Everyone can choose which option he likes best. Someone definitely needs to be richer and “more important” than most. Someone, on the contrary, is content with little and is ready to just live in safety and prosperity, but like everyone else,” the author concluded.

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