A Russian tourist found a cheap resort in Europe with beaches like in Greece, and prices lower than in Turkey

Russian tourist found a cheap resort in Europe with beaches like in Greece , and prices are lower than in Turkey

The country of South-Eastern Europe, which “obviously is not in the top of the most popular among tourists”, although there are beaches like in Greece, and prices are lower than in Turkey, I found and a Russian tourist presented in her blog on Yandex.Zen. We are talking about Albania, first of all, about the resort of Ksamil in the south of the country.

“This beautiful resort is located right next to Greece, you can get to Corfu by ferry for 20 euros. True, the prices for Corfu are much higher, ”the tourist writes further. According to her, in the summer season in Albania you can find good housing options for 30 euros, and for those traveling “well, it’s quite budgetary” there are houses for 15-20 euros per day. “In Corfu for 20 euros per day for the same dates at the end of June, booking only offers a tent in the campsite,” the blogger adds, specifying that Corfu is “inexpensive. by the standards of Greece, an island. However, even in the resorts of Albania, where everyone goes, and these are Sarada and Ksamil, which are famous for the most beautiful beaches, prices are significantly lower.

Food prices also impressed the tourist. Using the menu of a particular tavern as an example, it shows that grilled squid will cost 6 euros and the portion is more than generous. “In Venice, such a dish will cost 15 euros. In general, it is clear why Europeans think Albania is a very cheap country. Europeans come here to eat plenty of seafood. By the way, they cook well in Albania,” the tourist says.

She also lists what to see in Ksamil, as well as in Albania in general:

  • “Mainly the beaches. All beaches are urban, even if there is a hotel nearby, you can be on this beach. There are several beautiful beaches, and all of them are located close to each other,” the blogger writes.
  • Butrint Lake, Butrint is an archaeological museum-reserve, it is on the UNESCO list.
  • “You can visit the monastery of St. George, or you can go to the ancient city of Gjirokastra, seeing at the same time the source of the Blue Eye. This is a unique geological object, as a vertical karst cave-lake was formed in the Bistrica River. The exact depth is still not known, ”says the blogger.
  • She also recommends the city of Shkoder, bordering Montenegro in the north. “It is very cozy, calm, there is a beautiful lake nearby and a dilapidated fortress. I can’t say that there is something incredible in it, but the atmosphere of the city itself is very cool,” the blogger writes.
  • She also said another very beautiful place, “which I want to visit next time” – the Albanian Riviera. There are many good beaches in this area, and there is also a picturesque canyon of Jipea, right next to the beach of the same name.
  • “If you take a car and drive further, closer to the center of the country, you can see another attraction of Albania – thermal springs in Benji,” the blogger added.

She told the tourists about the shortcomings. This is primarily “some people and their attitude to cleanliness.” “Unfortunately, garbage is a common problem in Albania, even in resorts, although much less. Studying the reviews of people before traveling to Albania, I came across a lot of negative reviews that locals often litter. In the end, I saw it with my own eyes, the locals threw garbage right in front of their eyes, and did it without even thinking, ”she said. Also, according to the blogger, she came across “both friendly people who tried to help in everything, and local breeders.” As an example, she cites “a taxi driver with some kind of homemade taximeter, which he twisted right on the way, and the figure ran faster.”

“But if you close your eyes to these things, I liked Albania. I can’t compare with Greece because Greece has a completely different atmosphere, but good beaches, beautiful orders and delicious inexpensive food made this trip very cool,” the blogger concluded.

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