A Russian tourist in America figured out how to save on groceries by revealing the tricks of price tags

A Russian tourist in America figured out how to save on groceries by revealing the tricks of price tags

Save on groceries and even larger items up to several hundred dollars in the US, locals and tourists succeed by reading tricky price tags that will tell you exactly whether the price will be lower tomorrow or not. The decoding of American price tags used by supermarkets was published by a domestic traveler on his blog on Yandex.Zen.

As the author explained, the “future price” price tag tracking system is convenient for regular grocery shopping and the purchase of large household appliances. In the latter case, savings can reach several hundred dollars. In other words, if you want to buy a certain product cheaper, then you need to watch the price. Explain.

For example, if a product's price tag ends with the number 7, for example $2.87, this usually means the starting price, although the product may be in the most attractive place where visitors are used to seeing the most attractive prices for products. Items with a price tag that ends in 5, such as $4.5, are more attractive because the five “tells” buyers that the price tag will already be lowered at least 1 time. But goods whose price tag ends with the number 1, for example, $ 9.31, are the most delicious. “Odnerka” means that this is the final price and the maximum possible discount has already been applied by the store. It won't be cheaper. “If the price ends with 1 and this is the final discount, then there are not many goods in the warehouse and it may well have flaws or defects in appearance or packaging,” the compatriot specified.

“This is a standard designation system discounts in large American retail chains, although not in all. And it doesn’t matter if the price (is indicated) is whole or with cents. The main thing is that it ends with the numbers 7, 5 and 1 to understand the finality of the discount,” he concluded.

We add that such a system began to be actively used by a large retail chain Walmart, which offers food and non-food products and has many hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout the country.

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