A Russian tourist in America found 3 products that have long been abandoned in the USA, but are considered useful in Russia and are still used today

Russian a tourist in America found 3 products that have long been abandoned in the USA, but in Russia they are considered useful and are still used

Three products that have long been abandoned in the United States, and in Russia are considered useful and are still used, were presented on her blog on Yandex.Zen by a tourist describing local realities. At the same time, they are not found at all in the USA, or they are not similar to those that are familiar to our people in Russia. “I was very surprised when I found out which foods in the USA have long been abandoned, and we still eat them and consider them useful,” the blogger writes.

So, here’s what surprises in the USA:

  1. Rye bread: the fact that Russians living in the United States are madly dreaming of a fragrant piece of real Borodino bread is not a myth, the blogger assures. “In America, such bread cannot be found and bought: most American “rye” bread is not really such. It's all about the composition, where wheat flour (“wheat flour”) is indicated as the first ingredient, and only then rye flour (“rye flour”). Moreover, the latter will be so small that this very “rye” bread will taste no different from ordinary wheat bread, ”said the blogger. In the comments, however, she clarified that you can find rye bread – in “craft” bakeries and at the appropriate price.
  2. Unpasteurized milk: “the milk that we drink in the village with my grandmother, fresh and fragrant, is officially forbidden to be sold in almost all of America,” the blogger assures and explains why. In America, it is believed that raw milk carries a high risk of infection with harmful bacteria. At the same time, she adds that pasteurized milk also differs significantly in taste even from European one, since “the technologies are completely different, as well as the genetic data of animals.” Due to “differences in the DNA of cows in America and in Europe,” the blogger adds, “milk not only tastes different, it has a different composition of amino acids, which directly affects the tolerance of dairy products.”
  3. Real honey: more one product subjected to forced strict processing. “Virtually all honey sold in the US is 'filtered' (and imported from China). It is purified from pollen by ultrafiltration, that is, under the influence of high temperatures. Thus, the Americans make the product hypoallergenic, that is, safe (in their opinion) for the consumer, ”says the blogger. True, at the same time, according to her, “absolutely all its useful properties and unique taste are killed” – it tastes like sugar syrup. But it's not expensive.

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