A Russian tourist in America realized with horror what would happen if he did not give a 20% tip

A Russian tourist in America realized with horror what would happen if he didn't give a 20% tip

a waiter or service staff in the US 20% tip, the guest will have a hard time. The case could end in a scandal, threats and a call to the police, the Russian traveler, who studies the life and customs of American citizens, realized with horror.

“Just try not to leave a tip in a restaurant in the USA! The waiter may even raise a “sickly” scandal. But if he does not scandalize, then he will be indignant. Express your dissatisfaction with this. He will look with such a look that you will regret that you just ate a not cheap steak in this restaurant, ”he warned in his blog on Yandex.Zen.

This applies not only to waiters in restaurants, but and porters of suitcases, maids. The latter will not leave the hotel room until they receive tea from the guest. “And the taxi driver will sit half-turned and look at you, waiting for another bill, if you give him only $50 (about 3.5 thousand rubles) for the cost of a $50 trip,” the author assured.

At the same time, the “tax” in the United States is higher than the standards adopted in Europe and Russia – from 15% to 20%, but more often than 20%. At the same time, it does not matter what the amount of the invoice is, how much time the employee spent on service – the tariff is the same for everyone. In addition, if the amount of remuneration turns out to be less than what the taxi driver or waiter was counting on, he will be dissatisfied to the same extent if he was completely left without payment over the check. “And it doesn’t matter that you leave, for example, $ 1,000 in a restaurant after eating a dozen oysters (12 pieces) and drinking expensive sparkling wine. Be kind, leave the waiter 200 bucks for a tip, although he did almost nothing,” the traveler specified. or not, are you satisfied with the service or the waiter infuriated you with his slowness. It is noteworthy that it will not work to exclude them from there, despite all the perturbations. “Whether you like it or not, be kind, pay a voluntary-compulsory hidden tax,” the blogger noted.

Let's add that in Russia tips are usually much less – only 5-10%. However, leaving rewards to waiters, taxi drivers, couriers and other representatives of the service sector is at the discretion of customers. But, for example, in the USSR, tips were not encouraged at all. Tipping was called a bourgeois relic for reasons of inequality of people, as well as a lack of control over the movement of cash. Nevertheless, they were.

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