A Russian tourist in America went into a selmag and was shocked

A Russian tourist in America went to a selmag and was shocked

A domestic traveler went to the USA and went to an “ordinary general store” in the state of Arizona. Taking a shocked look at the supermarket, it turned out that the assortment and quantity resembled Russian stores of the late 80s and early 90s. On his Yandex.Zen channel, he asked the question: “Are the Americans starving?”

The empty shelves of grocery stores located not in large cities, but in the outback, struck the traveler. One of them was visited by a compatriot. “The store itself is not small. And it was made in the format not of a supermarket, but of a store with a counter, a showcase and an aunt behind scales and a cash register,” the author said.

On the photos published by the tourist, you can see long shelves, on which cans of canned food are practically “smeared” , snacks and instant noodles. “It looks like citizens here are still sweeping away food, buying for quarantine… But there is where to put old children’s bicycles – the most mysterious product of this store,” the blogger added.

In the meager selection of goods, there were vegetables, fruits and meat in the refrigerator. The most populous shelves were those filled with a traditional American drink – sweet sparkling water. Judging by the bored look of the seller, the locals don’t come here in droves, which means they find something to eat and don’t go hungry.

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