A Russian tourist in America went to a supermarket and suddenly realized why Americans are so fat

A Russian tourist in America went to a supermarket and suddenly realized why Americans are so fat

A Russian tourist went to a supermarket in the United States and watched the Americans who buy groceries there. Looking into their carts, he suddenly realized why so many of them were so fat. According to our traveler, the problem of overall obesity is not at all in fast food, but in sweets, with which solid store areas are crammed, and the weak willpower of locals who cannot get past this extremely harmful group of products.

“Many Americans are indeed overweight. And, very, very much overweight. Therefore, to accurately call them complete, even the tongue does not turn. Moreover, this is not a medical problem, and not a social one. It's purely their choice. After all, if they changed their habits, the picture would be completely different … They want to eat the way they want to eat. Well, and, accordingly, hello, dozens of extra pounds, ”said the Russian on his blog on Yandex.Zen.

Endless shelves in supermarkets are “bursting” with various types of cookies and desserts occupying huge areas with signs Low Price, i.e. “low price”. “And if you look closely at the contents of the grocery baskets of the buyer, then boxes with muffins, cakes, pastries and all sorts of sweet goods take almost a third of all purchases for many,” he noted.

However, this is half the trouble. American cookies or brownies are cloyingly sweet compared to domestic products. “Sweets in America are much sweeter than the things we are used to. And this is the third component of their obesity, ”the Russian was surprised at the new discovery and, for example, cited the contents of a box of Brownie cake, popular among Americans.

“There are exactly 17 of them in a box – 630 grams of total weight. As my friend told me, a couple of Americans kill her in one sitting, drinking cola … In 2 cakes weighing 38 grams each contains, attention, 13 g of sugar! Or 26% of his daily value. That is, 8 cakes is the daily norm of sugar for an ordinary person. And in the box – according to the daily norm for this couple, ”the blogger warned.

However, the American is not the only brownie alive. All other products that the locals consume during the day are also “stuffed” with sugar. As a result, the daily rate of sugar in the body goes off scale and “is deposited in the fifth point, folds on the back, swelling on the hips, behind the knees, shoulders, stomach, eighteenth chin.” However, this does not frighten the Americans, and they continue to put sweets on both cheeks. “And then they barely get up from the bench where they had a snack,” a compatriot summed up with horror.

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