A Russian tourist in Goa converted fruit prices into rubles and was surprised

A Russian tourist in Goa translated fruit prices into rubles and was surprised

“Blessed country! Indians harvest some fruits more than once, ”admired a Russian tourist who went to the resort state of Goa in India. Having visited the local market, she was very surprised at their cheapness when she converted the price tags indicated in rupees into rubles.

What do local farmers sell? “There are both exotic and the most common, for example, apples/oranges/bananas. Exotics (alphabetically) – avocado, pineapple, guava, jambul, jackfruit, dragon eye, durian, carambola, coconut, mango, passion fruit, passion fruit, papaya, rambutan, sugar apple, sweetie, tamarind, chiku” – such a long list cited by a compatriot in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

At the same time, she noted one feature of the Indians – to use fruits not all year round, but by months – “in the so-called season, when they, fruits, are as ripe and tastiest as possible.” 365 days a year, locals and tourists eat coconuts and bananas, but mango, which is loved by many Russians, Indians eat strictly from March to June. At the same time, the traveler tried the fruits in February and considered that even now, in winter, they are already very tasty. “Mango varieties are many, choose any! This is the symbol of the state of Goa! The coolest varieties, the most expensive ones are Mankurat and Alfonso,” she advised.

“Now, February, is the peak season for the most ripe chicas. Their flesh is similar to a date in structure, and the taste is sweet, with hints of chocolate with coffee. Indians, funny people, call chika sweet potatoes… but what they have in common with potatoes is only the appearance of the peel,” the author added. ol>

  • Lemon/lime – 4.5 rubles. for one piece
  • Cucumbers — 27 rubles/kg
  • Tomatoes — 27 rubles/kg
  • Young coconut — 45 rubles/pcs
  • Papaya — 45 rubles/pc
  • Pineapples — 54 rubles/pc
  • Bananas — 72 rubles/kg
  • Mango — 72 rubles/kg
  • Tangerines — 72 rubles/kg
  • White grapes — 90 rubles, black — 108 rubles/kg
  • Apples – 108 rub./kg. The cost of apples is higher than other fruits. This is explained by the fact that they grow only in the north of India, and therefore there are few of them in the country.
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