A Russian tourist in Malaysia understood their main difference from Russians and decided to eat Malay in the future

A Russian tourist in Malaysia understood their main difference from Russians and decided to eat Malay in the future

A Russian tourist came to Malaysia and learned the main difference between local residents and Russians: “Malays never eat yesterday's food. Everything that has not been eaten at the table now flies into the trash. At the same time, this principle is observed even by the poorest. She spoke about the peculiarities of the food culture that the traveler was going to adopt in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

“When I first got into this atmosphere, I was surprised at everything: how can you throw away good food when you can eat it tomorrow. But now I understand that this is the culture of Asia. The hot climate makes it impossible to store food, and with the advent of refrigerators, people have a habit of throwing away food and cooking again tomorrow. Now, with the return to my homeland, I am unlikely to repeat after my friends who are preparing for the week ahead. I want today, fresh, so that only from the fire, ”the author said, deciding to abandon the stock of ready-made food in the refrigerator.

In Russia, it is really customary to cook a little more than a day, because in this way working housewives try to avoid daily standing at the stove and try to quickly feed themselves and their families with dishes that warm the body and soul, freeing up time for leisure and relaxation. According to the tourist, the Chinese, like the Malays, also adhere to the tradition of eating everything fresh. At the same time, they always have lunch and dinner with a lot of dishes.

So, after a conversation with a Chinese hostess living in Malaysia, the girl learned that the daily changing menu in the family is part of culture and tradition. “The Chinese are so accustomed, they love the variety on the table, and also love to put their soul into the cooking process. Therefore, the dishes are tasty, bright, varied, because the hostess herself wants this. So did her mother and grandmother, and also great-grandmother. All cooking skills, as well as recipes, are passed down from generation to generation, ”she said and added that for the Chinese, as well as for the Malays, daily cooking is not a burden, despite the availability and abundance of cheap street fast food.

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