A Russian tourist in Pattaya reported a place where you can eat well for 200 rubles a day

A Russian tourist in Pattaya reported a place where you can eat well for 200 rubles a day< /p> Only 200 rubles. a day a tourist will go to eat in Thailand – such a statement was made by a Russian traveler who went there to rest. He spoke about a place with wonderful prices for ready-made food in his blog on Yandex.Zen.

The author explained that this is a PIER 21 food court in the Terminal 21 shopping center, located at the intersection of North Pattaya and Second streets, which is parallel to Beach road. The outlet with low prices is located on the 5th floor. “In this place you will have enough money to eat for 200 rubles. per day (lunch and dinner). And 200 rubles. per day is 6,000 rubles. per month – will go to food in Thailand (this is such a minimum that you should be guided by),” the author considered, saying that he now eats only there.

We will give the dishes and their prices in rubles:

  1. Peking duck with vermicelli and meat broth — 86 rubles
  2. Gunkans — 95 rubles/5 pieces
  3. Green curry with chicken, rice and egg — 86 rubles
  4. li>

  5. Sushi and gunkans — 340 rubles/large portion

“The only drawback of this place is that the Terminal 21 shopping center opens at 11.00 am and doesn’t even I know what happens here – late breakfast or early lunch,” he added.

The second acceptable place to eat for a budget tourist is the Big C store, or rather, the ready-made food department in this supermarket. As an example, the traveler cited the following photos:

  1. Two very large schnitzels – 150 rubles, “which you are unlikely to be able to eat at a time.”
  2. Gedza (Japanese fried dumplings) — 61 rubles
  3. Fried shrimp — 71 rubles
  4. Portion of fried fish — 112 rubles
  5. Washed and cut fruit: passion fruit — 55 rubles. , tangerines — 65 rubles, papaya — 67 rubles, mango — 86 rubles

“For one person, more than enough to eat. Of course, you can go to a restaurant of the same shrimp and eat for 1,000 rubles, but that's a completely different story, ”the tourist shared an alternative.

The final and less popular option on how to eat cheaply in Pattaya is to buy prepared food at 7-Eleven stores. The convenience for the “wandering” traveler is that they will warm it up for free on the spot and provide a spoon, fork and napkins. “The food is also delicious – I tried it. Basically it is rice with filling. The serving size is not small and enough to feed one person,” he added.

At the same time, commentators who also visited these establishments noted the shortcomings of the selected locations for eating. In the first case – the specificity of some dishes, and in the second and third – an overpayment for peeled fruits, which, according to them, you can buy on the market several times cheaper and wash it yourself.

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