A Russian tourist in Phuket told how best to order a taxi so as not to run into the local mafia

A Russian tourist in Phuket told me how best to order a taxi so as not to run into the local mafia

A Russian tourist vacationing on the Thai island of Phuket shared his experience of ordering a taxi in order not to fall into the clutches of the local mafia. As it turned out, many taxi drivers on the island are members of the local “gang” and wind up fares. However, the compatriot found a way around this problem and shared the information in his channel on Yandex.Zen.

His advice is to use the services of Taxi-Meter, whose drains are installed right at the airport. This is an official taxi that takes customers to any area of ​​​​the paradise island. “The price for such transportation is fixed or according to the meter in the car. To get from the airport to the Patong area is about 1 thousand baht (2.2 thousand in rubles at the current exchange rate),” the travel blogger said. It is also convenient to use the Grab application (an analogue of the Russian “yellow” taxi), which allows you to order a car at a fixed price. This is the most reliable way to order a taxi on the island, he assured.

However, the official taxis are in strong and aggressive competition from local bombers, who now and then try to “cheat” visitors. Therefore, the author noted, it is important to check the numbers of cars and the names of drivers to make sure that this is really a taxi, and not a mafia trying to deceive travelers. This will help to avoid fraud and unpleasant situations.

You also need to be on the lookout for the popular local tuk-tuk transport, which is good for getting around narrow or hard-to-reach streets. “There is a real mafia of tuk-tuk drivers on the island of Phuket. Even in the most touristic areas, near the beaches and shopping centers, there were real taxi disassemblies conducted by tuk-tuk drivers. It is for this reason that many official taxis, and even just bombers by car, are almost not on duty in such very passing places, being afraid to fall under the distribution of tuktukers, ”the traveler explained.

It is also safe to use island public transport. Locals and tourists are transported by regular buses – “trucks with shops inside are called Songthaews and are the cheapest mode of transport.” “Such buses move along a certain route and only along the central streets of Phuket,” said the Russian. The ticket price – from 30 baht (69.3 rubles) – is much cheaper to travel than an exotic tuk-tuk. Nevertheless, there is no schedule for such buses, and in the unbearable heat that lasts all year round in the kingdom, waiting for a bus without air conditioning, moving very slowly due to constant traffic jams, is not a pleasant pleasure, the man noted.

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