A Russian tourist in Thailand suddenly realized why Russian pensioners urgently need to move there

A Russian tourist in Thailand suddenly realized why Russian pensioners urgently need to move there

The Russian traveler, having felt the color of Thailand, called on Russian pensioners and compatriots of pre-retirement age to urgently leave their dacha and move to the land of smiles for a long time. And the point is not only in the tropical sun and sea, but also in the “free” conditions of a retirement visa, as well as life in pleasure. She told more about the conditions in her Yandex.Zen channel.

N.B. At the same time, the kingdom was not bypassed by the global wave of general rise in prices. Read the details in the article “We felt like homeless people: a Russian tourist complained about the insane rise in prices at a popular resort.”

According to the tourist, life for Russians abroad has become “somewhat unbearable” due to the sanctions imposed on Russian citizens by Western countries. This applies to plastic cards issued by Russian banks. Nevertheless, continuous inconvenience pays off with comfort. “Life is different here. Smooth and carefree. Definitely better and tastier than in Russia,” the blogger clarified.

In Thailand, unlike in Russia, a person who is 50 years old is considered a pensioner. From this age, a special visa is available to tourists, allowing them to legally live in the kingdom for a whole year. “In a year, you can extend your visa for another year. And then for another year, and so on ad infinitum – while they are alive. Such a retirement visa. Well, isn't that a “freebie”?! In my opinion, the real one,” she added.

However, every Russian cannot get into the country of smiles under this program. There are conditions. As noted by a compatriot, “homeless people are not welcome in Thailand.” And they are waiting for those who have about 2 million rubles in their account. At the same time, you can confirm your solvency with just a bank statement. Therefore, for those who do not have enough money, but really want to fly to Thailand, there are loopholes, the author said.

“Someone sells their apartments in Russia for the sake of living in Thailand. By old age, you can really heal well. And there will be enough money to live in the country. Just imagine this life in the tropics, with heavenly fruits, warm sea, delicious cheap food, beautiful secrets,” the tourist said.

In addition, during her stay in a tropical country, the traveler noticed that European pensioners “They're doing well here.” They moved to Thailand, live with young Thais on mutually beneficial terms: Europeans receive massages from girls – “this is such a life of pleasure in old age.” We add that in the conditions of the energy crisis in Europe, which will catch Europeans with the onset of cold weather, there will be much more people wishing to spend the winter in Thailand.

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