A Russian tourist in the US was shocked to learn that Americans wash their stinky shorts and T-shirts without water.

A Russian tourist in the US was shocked to learn that Americans wash their stinky underpants and T-shirts without water

“Lazy Americans are so stern that they manage to wash their shorts and T-shirts even without water,” such a statement was made by a Russian traveler when he was surprised to learn about the existence of a spray for dry washing underwear and clothes, which is probably intended for exceptional cases, but ordinary Americans use it all the time.

“And again, I never cease to be amazed at how mother laziness is the engine of progress and encourages us to come up with more and more new ways to satisfy this very laziness. In America, this is especially noticeable, ”the tourist added on the pages of his blog on Yandex.Zen.

“Are you still boiling? Then we are coming to you!”

He said that many US residents still use the services of public laundries to wash their clothes, and for this, obviously, they need to go somewhere. When you don’t really want to move, but you want to sit on the couch, eat chips and drink beer, a dry laundry detergent comes to the aid of the Americans, produced by chemical concerns known to Russians through advertising. “Some of these citizens … would prefer to go around in dirty and “fragrant” shirts or T-shirts than dragging themselves to these laundries and wasting time. Preferring to sit at home in front of the TV, crack chips, wash them down with beer, and hit the drum on stale clothes,” he noted and added that the manufacturers offered this category of locals a brilliant solution on how to “wash clothes without stress.”

This is how a Russian described his appointment: “I sprayed it and, lo and behold, the shirt is clean and does not smell at all. I sprayed it again, and now the panties can be put on again, and the wife will not dig. I sprayed it for the third time, and you can take off your shoes on the plane without the risk of strangling your neighbors three rows around.”

Such a spray, which is similar in function to dry shampoo, is quite affordable – $5-$7, depending on the manufacturer and is incredibly in demand, first of all, among students, truckers and single men of different ages.

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